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Monica Love – Honey Girl

Honey Girl

Honey Girl

Monica Love is a honey of a girl. She likes honey in her tea and she likes honey on her big boobs. Monica gravitates to posing with everyday themes. Playing in the kitchen. Showering. Lounging in a sauna. Working out in a gym. Even in her Bonus video chat, Monica answered questions while she was ironing one of her dresses.

“When I want to feel very sexy, I will wear a bikini and high heels. I love to go to the pool like that. I got to wear a bikini in the sauna shoot I did. A member wrote that I ‘lack a little in bulk around tum, hips, thighs and bum’ but I am very happy with my body.”

“I enjoy seeing the look on men’s faces when I walk past them,” said Monica. “Guys are funny. I like guys to respect me and be gentlemen. They will tell me how big and beautiful my eyes are while they are looking down at my chest. But that’s okay. I know they can’t help it and I like it if they are nice. One man said to me that I am the most sexual girl he has ever seen. I was not doing anything special, just doing what my girlfriends with me were doing.” Maybe you just have that sexual charisma, Monica.

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