Khloe Lust – Ginger babe

Ginger babe

Ginger babe

Khloe Lust was brand-new, a ginger-haired girl-next-door from south Florida, when she debuted in 2013. She was 22 years old, measured 44 inches around her chest and wore a 40DD bra. That tattoo “Semper ad Meliora” on Khloe’s left shoulder is Latin for “Always towards better things.” Since she’s a Florida native, Khloe spends a lot of time at the beach.

“Most of my shirts are low-cut,” Khloe said. “I usually buy my bras off the rack and wear one all the time except when I’m sleeping.”

Khloe said she uses toys to masturbate, or she’ll rub one out with her fingers if she doesn’t have a vibrator handy. Even though I wrote that she’s the girl-next-door, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get freaky. I always say, watch out for those girls-next-door, or GNDs, as I call them. She likes getting tied up and handcuffed to a bed and she’s made out with other girls in the bathroom. Her interest in having sex outdoors was zero. But that was then and girls change.

As it turned out, Khloe did only a few shoots, so this was a fling just to try nude modeling. She seemed like the type who wants one boyfriend and doesn’t date different guys. So doing porn was a big move for her. She did one XXX hardcore fuck scene right after this. An older, very experienced stud had the honors of busting her porn cherry.

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