Sensual Jane – Jane’s triple play

Jane’s triple play

Jane's triple play

“I have sex almost every day,” said Sensual Jane, one of Romania’s greatest gifts to lovers of big, natural tits and among the top porn stars in the world. “I don’t even masturbate that much. I have enough sex so I don’t have that much time for it.”

I’ve always wondered what one had to do with the other. Sex and masturbation are completely different activities that end the same way. It’s like saying, “I don’t eat pizza anymore. I eat steak.” Why can’t you eat steak one day and pizza the next or have both the same day? Why can’t a person, especially a woman, have sex, wait a few hours then masturbate? It’s not like men, who have to preserve their hard-ons.

Jane told Elliot that her favorite position is doggie style. I like that position for Jane, too, because her big naturals hang. Jane isn’t into fetishes (unless you consider enjoying getting boned by two guys on-camera to be a fetish)

“I do have a special talent. I can squirt,” Jane said.

Yeah, me, too.

In this scene, we have Thomas and Neeo. They’ve both shown up for a date with Jane. Each isn’t happy about the other guy being there. They don’t realize that Jane’s pussy is for sharing, but they soon find out and everyone’s happy.

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