Marissa Mae – Study Her Cunny

Study Her Cunny

Study Her Cunny

Marissa, do you like to show off your body?
“Yes, more than ever. Before I was kind of shy because I’m so flat. I thought you needed to have big boobs to be hot, but I’ve been getting over that. Now I like to wear tube tops with no bra so that my little nips are poking out. And now that I finally shaved my pussy I’m not afraid to wear tiny shorts or really skimpy bikini bottoms to the beach. I’m getting in touch with my inner exhibitionist.”

Have you ever flashed anyone?
“Yes. I tried to play it off like it was an accident, but I totally did it on purpose. I was at a pool party and we were all getting rowdy. A girl and I were on two guys’ shoulders chicken fighting. I hoped that she would pull my top off, but that didn’t happen so I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. Eventually we fell in the water and I used that as an opportunity to undo my bikini top and bottom. The bottom was tied by strings at the side so I just pulled them loose. I got out of the pool and my whole bathing suit fell off and I stood there wet and totally naked.”

What was everyone’s reaction to your glorious, naked body?
“Their jaws dropped and one of the girls screamed, “Your bikini!” I looked down and started laughing and pretended like I was embarrassed. The truth was I got a thrill out of flashing everyone. I wished we could all get naked in the pool but everyone at the party was too much of a wuss. So I tied my bathing suit back on and got back in the water. Some guy was being all cuddly with me and I noticed he had a hard-on. We didn’t end up fucking, but the fact that I got him hard made the whole thing worth it.”

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