Sydni Lane

Meet Sydni Lane, a 61-year-old from South Florida who’s showing off her nude body on-camera for the first time. Sydni is a sexy beauty, and when her test shots came across the editor’s desk, his immediate reaction was, “Yes!”

But then our model recruiter said, “She’ll only pose solo.”

So your editor said, “Bring her in anyway! The guys will love her. And who knows…”

“Who knows?”, meaning who knows, maybe she’ll visit our studio, enjoy herself and decide to go hardcore. It’s happened before. Will it happen with Sydni? We can only hope.

But for now, let’s enjoy Sydni. She’s 5’7″, 128-pounds. She has never been married. She’s a massage therapist (let your mind wander for a while on that one). She enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. Her sexual fantasy?

“A father and son,” she said. So she definitely has a naughty side.

She’s had sex with women. She’s into anal sex. She wants to pick up five men and have sex with all of them. A gangbang, in other words.

What sexually satisfies you best, Sydni?

“When I squirt,” she said.

So here’s the schedule: Photos today, video next week. And after that? Stay tuned!

Moments before these photos were taken-before Sydni sucked and fucked a huge cock on-camera for the first time-Sydni Lane stood in our styling room, smiling as widely as we’ve ever seen a woman smile, eagerly anticipating the breaking of her hardcore cherry.

“I can’t wait,” she said. “I’m so excited!”

We were very excited, too, when Sydni, who first visited our studio on October 8 and shot some very hot solo photos and videos for, decided to return earlier this month and go all the way. Actually, Sydni had been thinking about doing hardcore the first time she was here but decided to take things one step at a time. Dip her toes in the water, so to speak.

“It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about,” she said. “But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, ‘Sure!'”

This is not an untypical situation. Think about it: Let’s say you’re a 61-year-old woman, like Syndi is, and you haven’t modeled since you were in your 20s, and then, with your clothes on. You’re never been a dancer. This is your first experience with nude modeling. You know nothing about other than what you’ve seen of the website. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to get you to go from “never done it” to “I’m going to go all the way.” But Sydni enjoyed her first experience here so much that all of her doubts disappeared.

And now, the pictures. The smile on Sydni’s face should tell you everything you need to know about how much she’s enjoying herself. The cock-sucking is impressive. Her tan lines are impressive. She’s clearly enjoying Johnny’s cock and the load of cum she receives. He’s clearly enjoying her. And why shouldn’t he be? Sydni is one of our finest 60somethings ever. And we’re glad she came in for the-ahem-ride.

The following progression plan isn’t recommended for all 60Plus MILFs. It is, however, the one followed by 61-year-old Sydni Lane.

1. October 2012. Visits our studio for the first time. Is a little unsure about how hot she wants to go. Wants to get the lay of the land before becoming the lay of the land, so to speak. Does her first-ever video, “The Big Warmup,” in which she shows off her entire body. Gets on her hands and knees and fingers her asshole while frigging her pussy. Tells us she’s into anal sex.

2. November 2012. Returns to our studio. This time, she’s ready to fuck. Tells us about her first time, “It was my first time shooting, so I wanted to see what it was all about. But when your studio manager asked me about doing hardcore, I said, ‘Sure!'” So fuck she did. And suck!

3. January 2013. “This is my first time on-camera getting fucked in the ass! I can’t wait!” Sydni tells us. And when it’s all over, when her 61-year-old ass has been fucked every which way, Sydni (lying on her back, legs spread), tells us “Wonderful experience!”

Four months. From spreading to getting ass-fucked. Didn’t take long, did it? And she was worth the wait, wasn’t she? Sometimes, it pays to be patient.

Sydni Lane enjoys anal sex on-camera for the first time, and she isn’t shy about telling the whole world about it.

“This is my first time getting fucked in the ass on-camera, and I can’t wait,” 61-year-old Sydni says. “I’m already getting chills.”

Funny, but we didn’t notice any goose bumps on her ass while she was getting drilled in her ass-pipe, but maybe we weren’t looking closely enough. Actually, we were. We were watching while Sydni was getting ass-fucked every which way, in every possible position, and moaning and screaming and taking every inch…like a porn star?

Well, yeah, like a porn star, but Sydni definitely isn’t one of those.

“I haven’t seen that much porn,” Sydni said. ” I told my friend that I really didn’t want to see too much porn or look at too many magazines because I just want myself to come out and be myself, not pick up somebody else’s style. I just saw a little bit to get an idea.”

Says Sydni near the end of the scene, “I would love you to cum on this ass!”

Was that being yourself, Sydni? Or was that an idea you got from watching porn?

Either way, it works for us.

It’s a facial for 61-year-old Sydni Lane in her first hardcore video. Congratulations, Sydni! You’ve made the journey from hot 60something to hot fucking 60something in under a month, and we’re glad you chose us for the journey.

“I’m having a great time,” Sydni said. “This is even more fun than I thought it would be.”

Sydni, who has never been married, is a fun-loving woman. She enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. She likes going to art galleries and museums and working out. She usually doesn’t wear panties, “but when I do, they’re crotchless.” She’s a swinger who first took to it about five years ago. She’s a nudist, something she also became about five years ago. And now, she’s a porn star…something she became, well, today!

More about Sydni: She lives in South Florida. She found us through a friend who is very familiar with She likes sex in the morning and sex at night, sandwiched around, maybe, a trip to the gym and the beach. She’s a massage therapist and colon hydrotherapist, and if you know what that is, your mind is probably racing all over the place right now.

Most of all, she’s a sexy woman who has found a home here at She’s not a MILF. But she is a cougar. The guy she’s having sex with in these photos is 25 years old. As we said, she’s 61. For Sydni, that’s a record age difference. You’ll notice that Johnny is rock-hard. That’s all Sydni’s doing, proving once again that some things get better with age. But you already knew that.

Having shown off her beautiful body and sucking and fucking a much-younger stud’s big cock for the first time on-camera, 61-year-old Sydni Lane sits down for an interview with the editor. She’s looking smashing in a long, flowing nightgown that hugs her thin, curvy body, and she sounds great, too. Sydni always seems to be smiling, and her engaging, friendly personality comes through at all times.

Among the highlights of this interview:

1. Sydni showing off her pretty feet and telling us how she gives foot jobs.
2. Sydni talking about how, about five years ago, she decided to add some excitement to her life. She became a nudist and a swinger. She started doing wilder things sexually. And, of course, she decided to pay a visit to
3. Sydni showing her woman-next-door side by using proper terms for pussy, ass and cock.
4. Sydni talking about her wildest swinging adventure.
5. And, finally, Sydni showing off her flexibility by spreading her legs so we get a final view of her shaved pussy.

We have a very good feeling that Sydni is about to become one of your favorites at Enjoy.

It’s worldwide “showing my tits and pussy on video for the first time” time for Sydni Lane, a 61-year-old beauty from South Florida who debuted last week with her first nude pics. Sydni is single (never married), and she’s a massage therapist. We didn’t ask her if being a massage therapist involves massaging guy’s cocks because we didn’t want to be nosey. We do, however, like to use our imaginations. So, in our imaginations, it does. In real life…well, probably not.

Sydni enjoys figure skating and ballroom dancing. She likes going to art galleries and museums. Does that make her a nose-stuck-up-in-the-air high society girl? No. Not at all. Because Sydni is also a nudist and a swinger. She dildos her pussy with the vibration on “High.” She squirts when she’s fucked right. She likes to have sex many times a day. She’s into anal sex. And she recently had sex with a 28-year-old.

“He was on his hands and knees, and I played with and sucked his cock and balls from behind,” Sydni told us. “Then I inserted a dildo in his ass, and he sat on it.”

Okay, whatever floats your boat, Sydni. What floats our bubble would be seeing Sydni having sex. And guess what? After going solo-only the first time around, Sydni is returning to our studio to suck and fuck a real, live cock! Stay tuned.

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