Dee Dee Derian – Dee Dee’s hobby

Dee Dee’s hobby

Dee Dee's hobby

Real-life swinger (and swing-club owner) Dee Dee describes her fetish as “showing off my great nipples and having them cum on.” That doesn’t sound like a fetish to us. It sounds like something all women should do every day. Of course, not all women, not even 40somethings, are as sexually uninhibited as Dee Dee, who says she fulfills her fantasies every week at her club and invites you to join her.

“It’s funny because my first sexual experience wasn’t real exciting,” she said. “I’m glad I explored further.”

Back in 2001, when Dee Dee was living in West Point, Utah, she received national attention when her stuffy neighbors complained about her doing yard work in a skimpy, animal-print bikini. The charges were eventually dropped, and Dee Dee went on living her sexy life, first as the owner of a topless maid service and now as the owner of one of the biggest sex clubs in Arizona.

Dumb neighbors. Don’t they appreciate a free show when they see one?

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