Stacey Hopkins
Lives: Troy, New York; Occupation: Student; Age: 20; Born: November 11; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 135 lbs.; Bras: 34C; Panties: Brazilian tangas; Anal: Perhaps; BJs: Love the taste; Diddle: A lot.

“My boyfriend got me to go down to Panama City, Florida with him because his grandad was getting married–for the third time. It was the first time I’d met his relatives and I was really nervous, so I needed to do something wild to compensate. Posing for these photos was it. We were the only ones from the wedding that stayed at this motel and there was nobody else around when I posed.”

Hey guys, here’s that creampie compilation we were telling you about. We put it together because there’s an ongoing debate in our office about the ideal way to finish sex. We’re split almost 50/50 between our editors, designers and web crew. Half of us prefer bustin’ on a girl’s face and tits, and the other half loves rocketing their jizz into the pussy. So far, the debate is leaning ever so slightly in favor of a nice, messy creampie. So, here are some of our favorites. Maybe it’ll convince the facial lovers to come around, maybe not. Either way, it’s fuckin’ hot. Plus, it ends with a nice messy facial anyway. So don’t fret-there’s something for everyone.

Jessica and Stacey contacted us about screwing for the cameras, we arranged for them to meet up at our studios and then set them loose in a tropical backyard with Ivan and JMac to see what happened. The camera guy kept in the background until the action started and, once it got going, it quickly became a wet and wild foursome. For you stats guys, Jessica, the blonde, is 18, 5’3″, weighs 97 pounds, wears 32C bras and likes boyshorts. She is a student in Duluth, Minnesota. Stacey, 20, is 5’6″, weighs 135 pounds, wears 34C bras and likes Brazilian tangas. She is a student from Troy, New York. According to our photographer, it soon became a competition between the girls to see who could suck cock better and who could take more dick. The girls ran the show, deciding who was going to suck what or fuck what. Naturally, our guys were most happy to do what they were told.

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