Krystal Swift
“Guys look at my boobs first,” says Krystal Swift. “Then they look up at my eyes.” She is smiling as she says this. But Krystal Swift is always smiling. She’s a girl-next-door with a happy nature.

Krystal hit the big-boob lottery from the start. Now Krystal is looking a little more filled-out two years later. She had a sexy rack before. Now she’s even more voluptuous and curvier. Her tits are bigger. Her ass has more cushion.

“I don’t wear a bra at home. I will wear a T-shirt or tank top at home. If I go out I will wear a bra.” Krystal says her big tits are now a 44DDD and they’re all-natural, no artificial sweeteners and fillers added.

Krystal is also back doing hardcore for SCORELAND so we’ll be enjoying her lusty dick sucking and fucking again. We asked if she likes tit-fucking and, laughing, she says it’s one of her favorite things to do with a guy. She enjoys seeing a guy cum on her boobs. “Then I can play with the sperm. It’s good. It’s a good thing.”

Welcome back, Krystal.

Krystal Swift is back swiftly and while she was away, she became a nurse. This piece of news is guaranteed to inspire a flock of guys to seek treatment from her. This malingering loafer is one of them, hoping he can simply check out Krystal’s shapely rack by pretending he was in a motorbike accident. This guy walks into Hooter Hospital not wearing any pants? Get the fuck outta here! However, Krystal is a true healer and she uses her big naughty norks, sexy lips and tight cooch to cure men she believes are in need of help. She’s too trusting, in our opinion.

Krystal checks out his alleged bad leg and arm. She decides to apply some medicine to his leg. It’s not the only thing that’s stiff. Krystal moves further up his leg, gives his junk a squeeze and that’s all it takes for Dennis to move in on her big tits. He’s got insurance that covers sucking a busty nurse’s nipples? Where can we sign up?

An angel of mercy, Krystal lowers her head and puts his prick in her mouth. It’s suck off time–part of the therapy for an injured leg and arm. She is so pretty. And what a caring girl. After schlonging her boobs and tonguing her lickety-slit, they move to the couch to bang their brains out. And that’s why we love Krystal Swift. What happens at Hooter Hospital…gets shown at XL Girls.

Krystal Swift (‘Return of the Rack”) prepares in the bathroom for a hot sex date at Hooter Hotel with booty-call Novis who’s anxiously waiting for Krystal to emerge all dolled-up and ready for the cock. What a great girl Krystal is. Ever-smiling, friendly and girl-next-door, she’s returned after a break from modeling and she’s even more voluptuously stacked than she was back in 2013.

Novis spends time oiling Krystal’s lavishly big tits, and when her tits are all slick and slippery, Krystal gets on top of him in a 69. Those slick tits are going to be perfect for whopper-wanging. First, Krystal sucks his dick, then sticks it between her hills while he pumps.

Krystal spins around, moves her panties to the side for access to her pussy and slips his prick into her waiting pink slit. Tall in the saddle, Krystal rides like she’s a jockey at the horse track. They’re not ready for the finish line yet. Krystal gets on her back so her big boobs can get more cock motion. Those gazongas are bigger than ever. Novis transfers his cock from her cleavage chasm to her cute cooch and begins to fuck her in missionary style. Krystal’s tits swing and shake wildly with each stroke in and out.

Krystal usually finds her breasts covered in guy sauce or she swallows cum when she’s in the clinches but this time her hot pussy is filled. She parts her lips with her trembling fingers and the skeet leaks out. Still tingling from her own cum explosion, Krystal’s eyes roll back in ecstasy.

When Dave saw Krystal Swift’s recent photos, he wrote on the SCORELAND Blog, “It may be my imagination, but I think Krystal Swift’s tits got bigger.” It wasn’t Dave’s imagination. Krystal’s boobs did get bigger. Krystal has plumped-up since her previous shoots. This is her first time at XL Girls.

“I masturbate every day,” said Krystal who was on a break from modeling for about two years or so. She’s a hockey fan, enjoys being a porn model and says she is a “talented screamer.” Krystal plays with some elaborate lady toys in this scene and has a pretty good time cumming.

If you’re also a SCORELAND member, you’ve seen Krystal before.

“I am from a small Czech town near Poland. “It’s very quiet–a good place if you like that. I moved to Prague and became a dancer in a club. A photographer saw me and recommended modeling because of my boobs and my body.”

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