Kamryn Monroe
If you’re fresh off the boat at XL Girls, check out Captain Kamryn Monroe’s chat in “Plush & Lush” and learn what makes this hot chick tick. She is a babe and a half and hails from Boston, which is also Kelli Maxx’s home turf.

Looking cute and shipshape in her naval uniform, Miss Monroe loves to have her big 49-inch tits played with, sucked and kissed and she loves to have her neck kissed and her pussy licked. “I’m passive,” says Kamryn. “I love to be taken control of by a dominant man. I like being on top.” Surprisingly, Kamryn says she has no sexual fantasies. Not even any shipboard romancing with seamen?

Kamryn loves girls too. Her kinkiest time was “sex with a girl on a pool table at a party with a beer bottle.” And her first sexing was with a girl. “I love women,” Kamryn gushes.

The perfect shipmate to sink into.

“You want to get all oily with me?” Kamryn Monroe says as her latest scene opens. “Or you can put your face in them while I play with them.”

We’ll take heavy-handed helpings of both of those options, Kamille. We don’t take our plumpers a la carte here at XLGirls.com. We want the whole delicious bundle all at once. And Kamille gives it to us. Off screen, one of our crew covers Kamille in oil while she plays with herself. She’s playing with her tits, rubbing her clit, slowly pushing herself to an orgasm. And we have a perfect view of it all. This is one of those scenes that reminds us why we love plumpers so much.

We never thought bookworms could be hot until we got a look at Kamryn Monroe hitting the books. She’s taking notes for her final exam, so as her latest scene opens, we take the opportunity to examine her chest. Kamryn sports 42DDD-cup knockers that make your mouth water and your knees weak.

“Are you going to help me?” Kamryn asks, smiling up at us. “You can tutor me.”

It has been a long time since we’ve been in school, but as long as she’s here with her boobs pouring out of her blouse, we’ll do our best to help her. And there are a few subjects in which we are well-versed. In school, you learn the Three R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic. At XL Girls, we’re all about the Three B’s: body, boobs and beauty. So there’s only one answer when Kamryn sweetly asks, “Do you want me to get naked?”

Yes, yes, yes! Kamryn takes off her top, slips off her bra and begins playing with her tits. Then she takes a seat on the desk behind her, pulls her panties off and begins to stroke her clit. Her tits quiver and waves of pleasure wash over her face as she nears her orgasm. When she finally cums, she lets out long, relieved gasps. And we get one last look at her body, boobs and beautiful face.

Captain Kamryn Monroe of the Bounty is looking for seamen. Able bodied seamen. The kind that light her fantasy fires as she strokes a big one out. There’s awesome huge boob motion in this video.

First, Kamryn begins self-sucking her perky nipples before the three minute mark. At four minutes, Kamryn releases the kinetic energy stored up in her big tits in a fantastic burst of wobbly, quivery breast flesh. Born in Cape Cod and living in the South End of Boston, Captain Kamryn truly inspires a mutiny in a man’s shorts. Shiver our timbers.

Kamryn’s a Boston chick all the way. The Patriots. The Bruins. She was discovered through Twitter. A cam girl, Kamryn says she’s never been on a date. That seems impossible to believe but Kamryn says it’s true. “No one ever believes me but I haven’t.” She did have a date of sorts here, jerking and tit-wanking in a P.O.V. scene, her first ever.

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