Tawny Peaks
Picasso has nothing on Tawny as revealed in this photo set. There’s nothing abstract about Tawny, and impressionism doesn’t quite cover her talents. The curves and angles are there, but she’s no Art Deco figure. Perhaps after she finishes her painting, she’ll do your portrait using your own paint brush.

Three legends of SCORE have a girl-party in this ultra rare scene filmed during what charter SCORE guys call the “Golden Age” of mega-boobed girls (1990 to 1997) when they dominated strip clubs, talk shows such as Sally Jesse Raphael and big bust magazines. SCORE is the only big tit magazine still at newsstands. The others couldn’t keep it up and ceased publication.

This three-way sex orgy is one of the hottest lesbian parties ever held during this golden age. In The Bahamas on a remote estate, Tawny strips off on the patio deck and prepares to get some sun. Huge-breasted Lisa Lipps comes over. She brings a bottle of oil with her and begins to oil down Tawny. The feel of Tawny’s skin gets Lisa worked up and she begins licking her tits.

Tawny gets into the girl play and the two suck and lick each other’s nipples and clits. They go inside and continue their sexing. Lisa gives Tawny’s beautiful cunt a lube job with her tongue. Ethereally gorgeous SaRenna Lee walks into the room and joins in. SaRenna’s wearing a huge strap-on! Lisa tries on the rubber cock and fucks SaRenna. Tawny licks, nibbles and kisses Lisa’s huge knockers.

Lisa was a porn star by this time but SaRenna and Tawny kept to their girl codes of no hardcore fucking with men. Tawny is now retired while SaRenna has her own clip site today. Lisa retired from the adult industry and is now a New Age mystic and lecturer.

As a scholar once wrote, “The moving finger clicks the shutter and having snapped the picture, moves on.”

Tawny, the great Colt 45, Rhonda Baxter and Shayne Fawntanna pose poolside for a pictorial. Colt and Rhonda have retired from modeling. We don’t know what Shayne’s status is today. She was well-known in exotic dance circles for her fire-handling skills. This is the only Colt-Tawny photo shoot we know of, although professionally, they knew each other well from the big-bust dance circuit during the ’90s.

Tawny explores her body while exploring the lush forests of The Bahamas. She oils up her tits and basks in the Caribbean sun. It’s no mystery why the Caribbean has been so popular with SCORE for over 20 years. It’s the perfect place to bring hot models. Tawny was always very comfortable nude, whether on stage or in front of one cameraman. “I find totally nude much more erotic and sensual,” Tawny told fellow model Montana for an interview in July ’93 SCORE. “The guys know what’s coming but I tease and arouse them before showing them what they’ve only fantasized about.”

Lisa Lipps and Tawny get wet and sexy on the deck of the Yankee Clipper, the Windjammer that SCORE hired for Boob Cruise ’94. This was Tawny, and Lisa’s, first and only Boob Cruise. They were incredibly busy exotic dancers, always traveling throughout North America. The DVD “Best of the Boob Cruise,” available at eBoobStore.com. contains scenes from this pairing in the video Boob Cruise ’94. The pictorial was published in the first Boob Cruise issue, March ’95 SCORE. “It was amazing how much camaraderie there was on the ship,” Tawny remembered. “The guys spoiled us girls rotten. Everybody, the guys and the girls, really got into it. It was a real fantasy vacation. I’m not surprised it became so big.”

Tawny performs an erotic striptease show, not too unlike the kind of show you might have seen her do during the great ’90s when she was actively touring the big-bust circuit of exotic dance clubs such as Flashdancers and New York Dolls in Manhattan. Her physique is astonishing in this video. “Once I began featuring at clubs and noticed how well the men responded, it gave me more confidence. I learned to be proud of my body, instead of ashamed. I thrived on the attention. All of the guys I met at the clubs made me feel so comfortable. The best two words to describe my shows was complete interaction. My entire show was highly erotic and I let the guys lick a special surprise between my tits if they were good!”

Tonisha Mills joins Tawny in the model’s dressing room for a nice, if not relaxing, shower. Girls will be girls so they help each other get all squeaky clean. There’s nothing like seeing a busty girl shower. It’s a heavenly site for breast lovers. The more, the merrier. Tawny and Tonisha appeared together in several videos. Tonisha also appeared in hardcore videos. A threesome with another girl and a guy can be seen at SCOREVideos.com.

Blonde Tawny bathes, trims her golden bush and oils her magnificent body in a stand-alone tub. This video was shot in London; the shaving and the Victorian tub with water pitcher are particularly English touches. Tawny’s association with SCORE took her to London and the Caribbean for videos and pictorials. She often connected there with other SCORE Girls for photo sessions. Among them, SaRenna Lee, Tiffany Towers, Angelique and other extremely popular big bust stars.

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