Summeran Winters. Fifty-nine years old. Born in Colorado, now lives in Wyoming. Married, then divorced. Had a couple of kids. Wants to live the good life now that she’s worked hard all her life. So what does she do? She shows up at our studio and says, “I wanna fuck.” And what do we say? “Right this way, please!”
“If you had told me 20 years ago that at 59 years old, I’d be having sex in front of the camera with a person I’d never met until that morning, I would’ve said you were crazy,” she tells us. “I also would’ve told you ‘No way,’ but in the back of my mind, I would’ve been thinking, ‘I can’t wait until I turn 59!'”
Congratulations, Summeran. It’s not every woman who makes her hardcore debut by getting dicked in the rear. So way to think big! And, on top of that, you are now our first ass-fucked MILF from Wyoming. And that’s something to be proud of.

Having had her ass stuffed by Castro in her last appearance here, 60-year-old divorcee Summeran Winters is back for more, this time wearing sexy, vintage lingerie. This time, Juan does the honors, fucking her face and her pussy, but not her ass.
“I don’t think my ass could take anymore after last time,” Summeran said. “Besides, my pussy needed a little bit of action this time.”
Summeran gets dicked every which way, then takes Juan’s load all over her face, smiling wide for the camera because she’s such a horny cum slut.
“It’s very exciting to think that men still find me sexually attractive, especially a man as young as Juan. He’s half my age!” Summeran said. “It just gets me very excited to know that there are guys sitting at home right now, and they’re masturbating. Looking at my photos and having a good time. I read all the comments about my pictures and video on 50PlusMILFs.com, and it was very flattering, especially when there are so many young girls who they could be looking at.”
Who needs young girls when you can have a woman like Summeran?
“That’s what a lot of men have told me,” she said. “I’ll never get tired of hearing it.”

Summeran Winters is 60! Yep, the star of the DVD 50Plus MILFs Anal Edition turned 60 on August 8, 1950, but we didn’t have the chance to give her her present until she visited the studio yesterday, And what did we have for Summeran? Yes, a big, black cock…more specifically, Castro’s big, black cock. A monster cock. So thick that when Summeran saw her present, she thought for a few seconds about returning it.
“I don’t know if I can handle that!” said this divorcee from Wyoming.
Handle it? Heck, not only did we want Summeran to handle it, we wanted her to suck and fuck it, too.
“Okay, I’ll try,” Summeran said. “But when I asked for a black man to fuck for my 60th birthday, I didn’t think his cock would be that big!”
Hey, Summeran, the big 6-0 comes along once in a lifetime. What did you think we were going to give you, flowers and candy?
So Summeran dressed up in her birthday best (don’t you love the stockings?) and proceeded to unwrap her present. First, she got as much cock into her mouth as possible. And then, after Castro lubed up her pussy with plenty of spit, she prepared to stretch her 60-year-old pussy around the thickest cock it’s ever had.
“I didn’t think I could do it!” Summeran said afterwards. “But I did it, and I loved it!”
Happy birthday, Summeran!

For her first on-camera fuck anywhere, 59-year-old Summeran Winters reenacts one of our favorite scenarios: MILF seduces the delivery boy. Now, if you’ve ever been a delivery boy, you know this kind of thing happens all the time. Real-life MILFs really do seduce the delivery boy, whether it’s the pizza guy or the supermarket guy.
The thing is, though, usually, the delivery boy is on the receiving end of the best blow job of his life. In rare instances, he gets some pussy to fuck. But how often does he get to fuck the MILF in the ass? Almost never, which is what makes this scene so special. That and the fact that he gets to fuck Summeran in the ass on the kitchen table.
“In my personal life, I love anal sex, so why wouldn’t I want to have anal sex my first time in front of the camera,” Summeran said. “Some people make a big deal out of anal sex, but to me, what’s the difference between me having a penis in my pussy or a penis in my ass?”
By our estimate, a few inches, at most.

“I’ve had most of my fantasies fulfilled, but my true fantasies are renewed when I’m helping someone else fulfill their fantasy,” said 60-year-old Summeran Winters, a divorcee from Colorado who now lives in Wyoming. “I am as old as I feel and as young as I look, and I just want to have fun. I have some of my best times when I’m having sex in front of a camera.”
This time, Summeran teases us in vintage lingerie, including a red bullet bra, stockings and a garter belt. She pulls her panties aside to give us a pussy show, telling us, “I’m so horny. I want a big cock inside my pussy. I’m ready for hot-blooded sex.”
She’s a classic and classy blonde with big tits and a pussy that can take a pounding. Sure, her asshole bore most of the brunt last time, and Summeran loves that, but don’t forget her pussy. Don’t forget about her pussy just because she’s willing to give up her ass.
“I’ll give up anything if the chemistry between me and a guy is right,” she said.
As you’re about to see, in this scene, the chemistry is very right.

Summeran Winters, who turned 60 on August 8th, opens this video by telling us, “It’s my 60th birthday, and I’m very happy that The SCORE Group has invited me to celebrate with them, and I asked for the biggest, blackest cock.”
Now, as all of you probably know, on Tuesday, Summeran celebrated her 60th by taking Castro’s monster cock in her mouth and pussy. She didn’t think she could take it, but she could. Now, some of you probably don’t know that we don’t simply take photos while a video is being shot. We shoot two separate scenes. Well, having taken Castro’s cock in her pussy on Tuesday, Summeran wanted something different for this scene.
“I want his cock in my ass,” she said.
“Are you sure?” we asked her.
“Definitely. I think I can take it even better in my ass than I did in my pussy.”
The proof is in the video. Starting at about the seven-minute mark and for the next 15 minutes, Summeran’s asshole gets stretched to the limit and pounded in numerous positions. She takes every inch of his cock in her asshole and begs for more.
“I don’t think I’ll ever forget my 60th birthday,” Summeran told us afterwards.
We don’t think we’ll forget it, either.

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