Sheri Fox

You may not believe this (and you’ll believe it even less when you see her pictures) but Sheri Fox is shy. She’s shy when she’s talking about herself and when she’s talking about sex in front of the camera. But 52-year-old Sheri, who walked into our studio with her admiring husband, isn’t shy when her clothes start coming off. The truth is, she’s a wild woman!

Sheri is a horse trainer from Central Florida. She loves anal sex. And she’s into a fetish that she and her hubby enjoy but most people don’t know much about: pony play, in which the participants dress up as ponies and are hitched to carts and sulkies. Then they parade around public places as horse and driver.

As these pictures prove, Sheri is also into fucking her tight, mature cunt with big, black dildos. Which is proof that Sheri isn’t shy. As if you needed any more proof.

In this scene, her fourth at (following a facial, an anal slam and a three-way anal slam in which two guys fucked her 53-year-old ass), Sheri gets the JMac treatment from a big-dicked stud who’s half her age.

“Let me rub that big ol’ cock,” she says. “Give it to me. Rub it on me, baby.”

Then she offers up her tits, which are bulging out of a lace push-up bra (not that Sheri needs any pushing-up; her tits are big and firm).

“Take it off for me,” she says, writhing, wanting to get the action started. “Rub that pussy for me.”

Sheri’s a horny old slut, isn’t she?

JMac takes his cock out of his pants.

“Do you know what I wanna do with that?” Sheri says. “I wanna put that big ol’ cock in my mouth and suck it.”

She does that. And she fucks it. He shoots part of his load on her pussy and part of his load in her pussy. The part that’s on her pussy drips down her thighs. The part that’s in her pussy oozes out.

Let’s welcome back Sheri Fox, a 53-year-old wife and horse trainer from Ocala, Florida. The last time we saw Sheri, she was getting fucked in her ass. And this time? She’s getting fucked in her ass again…but by two guys. Yep, two of our lucky studs take turns on Sheri’s butthole in this scene, one of our hottest ever. And wait until you see the video!

“I like to be dominant,” Sheri said. “I want to feel good, too, so I want men to do what I like.” Getting fucked in her ass? That’s what Sheri likes, but we’ve gotta tell you that here, the guys kind of have their way with her. One of the best moments is when they turn Sheri upside-down for some piledriver ass-drilling, and while Sheri’s ass is getting dicked, she sucks the other guy’s cock, too. That’s not a position you see often.

But, then again, Sheri is not the kind of woman you see often. Red hair. Big, DD-cups boobs. A pierced and decorated pussy. She’s kind of shy until the cocks come out, then she’s a wild woman.

Sheri visited with her husband. He watched as the two studs took turns on his wife’s ass. He enjoyed every minute. You will, too.

Just because a woman behaves in a way that some people might consider slutty doesn’t mean she’s a slut. Take, for instance, Sheri Fox, a 52-year-old horse trainer from Central Florida. She’s married, and in her first visit to the studio, she fucked a total stranger. Now she’s back, and what’s she doing? Fucking another total stranger…and this time, she’s taking his cock in her ass!
Yep, her ass, because as Sheri told us, “Nothing’s better.” She is, as we’ve told you before, a woman of few words, but when she’s having sex, she’s loud and raunchy. Which shouldn’t really surprise you. A mature woman doesn’t get a pair of big tits and pierce her pussy because she doesn’t like sex.
There are some great shots in this set. No. 19: Sheri spreads her ass and looks right into the camera as her man licks her asshole. Her pussy jewelry dangles. No. 40: Sheri, upside-down, legs all the way back, looks up at her cunt as the dude, facing away from her, fucks her pierced pussy. Nos. 46-52: Sheri upside-down again for an anal plunging. No. 54: Still upside-down, Sheri enjoys the feeling of cum pooling in her asshole, then dribbling down to her pussy and her thighs.
Anyway, back to that slut thing. Sheri’s doing slutty stuff in these pictures, but does that make her a slut? You make the call!

The photo version of this scene took place in a warehouse. For the video, Sheri Fox takes her long, sexy red hair and big tits to a bathroom, where she gets her tits out of that latex dress in a hurry. Actually, her tits are never really in the dress, which is good for Sheri because she loves to pinch her nipples, and doing so is a lot easier when they’re not covered.

Judging by Sheri’s loud moans of delight, she’s enjoying herself. Sheri, who’s 52 and from Central Florida, is one of those women who can enjoy herself when she’s with a man (see her getting fucked in the ass right now at or by herself.

In this video, we get some great angles of Sheri’s big tits and some very intimate looks at her funkily pierced pussy. Then we get to see her paddle her pussy, which is something you don’t see too often. She slides the edge of the paddle between her pussy lips, she moans louder, then she slaps her pussy harder.

At around 15 minutes, Sheri grabs a canister of shaving gel and applies it to her pussy mound. She makes a real mess with that shaving cream, then shaves off what’s left of her red pussy hair. Another thing we don’t get to see too often. When she’s done, she washes it off, then grabs a black dildo and fucks her pussy hard.

What happens next? She cums. You cum. And if you don’t, you just might be dead.

When Sheri Fox showed up for this scene and saw the editor, she said, “You’re not going to interview me again, are you?” Sheri didn’t want to be interviewed again. Talking about herself on-camera makes her nervous. What Sheri wanted to do was fuck. Not talk. Fuck. So that’s what we had her do. Fuck. And talk. Talk and fuck. You see, Sheri might not like to talk about herself, but she does like to talk about cock and her tits and her pussy. She’s a nasty fuck talker. A nasty, horny lady, too. “Sometimes I wake up at night and I find myself playing with my pussy,” said Sheri, who has a nice patch of red pubic hair atop her cunt. “Usually I’ll just rub myself until I cum and fall back to asleep, but sometimes I’ll grab a big, fat dildo from my nightstand and fuck myself with it.”
In this scene, Sheri sucks and fucks a big dick and ends up with a creampie. Enjoy it. She did.

When this scene opens, 53-year-old Sheri Fox already has her hands on the guys’ cocks. She’s wearing purple lingerie, and the guys love playing with her big tits, making them jiggle. Sheri loves playing with cock, kneeling between the two guys and moving her head back and forth, sucking one then the other, and she’s a hungry sucker, ain’t she? They fuck her pussy, then they take turns on her ass, and the best part of this whole thing is when they turn Sheri upside-down for some piledriver ass-drilling, and Sheri sucks the other guy’s cock at the same time. The boys finish the job by shooting their cum all over Sheri’s face, and doesn’t cum look so natural on Sheri? It does. Sheri and her husband live in Ocala, Florida. She trains horses. While they were down in South Florida, he took her to Key West for the first time, and they ran smack into the middle of Fantasy Fest. Did she partake?
“No,” Sheri said. “We just watched.”
Besides, those Fantasy Festers couldn’t have outfreaked Sheri. She’d just been double ass-fucked on-camera!

In this scene, 52-year-old Sheri Fox leaves no doubt about what she wants.
“I want you to fuck that ass,” she says as she bends over and spreads it, teasing the stud who’s been sent to fuck her. “Have I got an ass for you!”
From the start, Sheri is wearing a purple bra, stockings and a purple garter but absolutely no panties, so when she bends over, we can see the ass that this guy is about to fuck. But first, he’s going to have his cock sucked (all the way, as Sheri takes him right down to his balls) and then he’s going to fuck her nicely decorated pussy. When she’s getting her pussy fucked, Sheri likes to look down and watch the cock going in and out of her.
But all this is merely a prelude. Sheri turns upside down, spreads wide and says, “C’mon, fuck my ass. There it is.” So the guy takes what he’s given, and Sheri takes every inch of his dick in her needy asshole. This just might be our hottest scene ever.

Sheri Fox, a 52-year-old married horse trainer from Central Florida, finally sucks cock and rides the baloney pony on video. Judging by her moans, she loves having her DD-cup tits sucked, and judging by the way the guy’s reacting, she’s a helluva cock sucker, getting every inch of his stick into her mouth and making sure it’s soaking wet for her well-seasoned pussy. Sheri, who was quite reserved during her video interview, really gets into the cock-sucking: slurping and moaning and beating the dude’s cock against her tongue. Then she gets on all fours and gets dicked from behind while demanding, “Come on, baby! There! There! There!” Totally out of control but totally in control. She fucks long and she fucks hard…because she’s a horse lady. And then she milks his cock onto her tits.
When it comes to sex, Sheri is a wild woman. She says she masturbates every chance she gets. “Sometimes I wake up at night doing it,” she said. “My favorite is watching NFL football and playing with my pussy. I love tight ends in Spandex. I could cum four times by halftime. Sometimes I’ll watch a game while sucking my husband’s cock.”
She’s into women. “Of course,” she said. “Who doesn’t like pussy?”
And she has sex “whenever the mood strikes me, either with a partner or alone.”
Obviously, in this video, the mood struck her.

About a month ago, on her second day of shooting at, Shana DuPlae walked in with a friend. The friend’s name was Sheri Fox, and Shana wanted to know if we’d be interested in shooting her friend for We took one look at Sheri’s hot body and said, “Hell, yeah!” So we made arrangements for Sheri to return to our studio for a full day of shooting, and here she is!
Sheri, who just turned 52, is from a small town a little north of Ocala, Florida. That’s horse country, and that fact is relevant because in this interview, Sheri is going to tell us about a fetish that she and her husband (and, as it turns out, Shana, too) enjoy but most people probably don’t know much about: pony play.
Yes, pony play, and if you’re thinking really wild thoughts right now, don’t. Pony play is not what you probably think it is. In fact, no animals are involved. But we’ll let Sheri explain it.
If Sheri, a professional horse trainer, seems a little nervous in this interview, that’s because she is nervous. She really didn’t want to talk. She wanted to fuck. And suck. She gets to that near the end of the interview, when we play a little dominant/submissive game that involves Sheri teasing the dude’s dick. That should get you warmed up for what’s to come: a hot, mature wife fucking and sucking on camera. Enjoy the week!

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