Meggie Gold – Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Golden Girl

Meggie Gold gets a quick body inspection, then kneels before the rod. Rubbing her pussy, she holds Tony’s cock with the other hand and sucks the head. Meggie goes hands-free and takes it deeper in her mouth. He directs her to use both hands playing with her boobs while she uses his shaft as a beef-toothbrush. She gets on her hands and knees on the chair and her panties are removed.

Once her pussy is cleared by the control tower for landing, Tony guides his joystick into her. She’s wet so the touchdown goes smoothly and quickly builds up to high speed drilling. They swap to girl-on-top, then side-saddle. In this position, Meggie can rub her clit fast as he pounds her pussy hard. She likes it fast and rough. As they fuck, she pinches her nipples hard and even sucks them.

Meggie said she masturbates a lot when she doesn’t have a cock to play with. She likes a lot of clit friction with her hand when she’s fucking, too, especially when she’s getting fucked on her back. Tony hasn’t fucked her tits yet so he makes that his last delivery of the day before he drops his nut all over her chest. Meggie gets most of it on her boobs but catches some on her tongue. She licks his cock clean, and then licks the rest off her fingers and breasts. This girl loves to taste and swallow ball-juice.

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