Jenny Smith – Coppertop Cunny

Coppertop Cunny

Coppertop Cunny

Age: 22 Born: Apr. 12; Ht: 5’4″ Wt: 105 lbs. Bras: 32D;
Panties: Lace; Anal: Not a fan; BJs: Swallow;
Lives: York, England; Occupation: Fashion model.

Jenny has posed topless for several clothing lines and small-time artists, but she’s never spread her cunt on-camera before. She chose our magazine Newcummers to pop her porno cherry. “First of all, I love your magazine. A photographer friend of mine had an issue from, like, 2007 or something in his bathroom. I’d flip through it while he was exposing his negatives. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I’ve masturbated more than once while flipping through your pages. I especially love the hardcore stuff that you guys do. I’d never do that, myself. I’m too chicken for that. Plus, I’m comfortable with people I know seeing me naked, but I’d be so embarrassed if someone I know saw me shagging!”

“After this, I’m finished. This is fun and all, but I’m more into new experiences. I mean, now that I’ve done it, there’s not much of anything else to do. I’m not going to fuck on-camera. So where does that leave me? I don’t need the money. I’m just doing this for the adventure of it.”

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