Isis Haze
Isis comes our way in the time-honored tradition of many past SCORE models….through a SCORE Man. Ricky, a Boob Cruise regular, walked into an exotic dance bar in Wisconsin and immediately saw the biggest tits in the place. Natural boobs, which can be hard to find in strip clubs. After several trips at sea with the SCORE staff and some of the hottest busty legends in the world, he was well trained to fearlessly approach her, introduce himself and tell her why she belongs in SCORE magazine. Isis agreed to pose for several nude “doctor” photos for our studio staff and Ricky sent them to the office. A few days later, Isis was booked on a flight to Florida and the results are now in front of you. (And there’s a video for your enjoyment, also.) Isis is a full-time dancer and spends her free time watching movies, clubbing, hanging out with her friends and shooting pool. When she leaves the house during nice weather, she usually wears tight shorts, T-shirts or tank-tops with no bra and high heels. “I wear a bra when I visit family or go someplace dressy,” says Isis. “I don’t wear one at home. I’m not a big bra girl.” She’s never been in a magazine before and admits she didn’t know what she was missing. Isis didn’t need much coaching in assuming the hot, fuck-me poses we all love. Her dancer background helped in knowing what gets guys hard at the club she dances in. And Ricky got a finders fee for discovering Isis. So welcome to SCORE, Isis. It was a win-win-win situation all-around. See Isis in Hooter Haze in SCORE Theater.

There’s a guy who drops by the SCORE Building to offer to wash cars but if it was Isis Haze, there’s be a lot more takers. The downside is that no work would ever get done. Everyone would be outside watching her 34FF sucklers drip soap suds as she bends over to clean the grill. As handy with a sponge as she is with a stick shift, Isis puts on a car wash to surpass the classic scene in the movie Cool Hand Luke. Here is a girl who could solve the American auto industry’s problems but the fools won’t pay attention. She’s one of the hottest, bustiest dancers at a club called Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin. Christy Marks herself interviewed Isis at SCORE. “What’s the best thing a man can do to turn you on?” Christy asked. “Lots of groping,” answered Isis. “Sucking on my nipples. Tickling them a little bit.” Christy asked her what her favorite fucking position was. “I like to be on top, definitely.” Christy was curious. “When you’re on top, do you like to hold your boobs?” “Sometimes, or I like to lay back and have the guy push them together and hold them up. “Well, you’re beautiful and your boobs are huge. I’m definitely going to have to play with them one day,” Christy told Isis. “Thank you! You’re beautiful yourself!” replied Isis. Running Time: 15:15

If the SCORE dressing room shower could talk, what horny tales it would tell. Isis Haze got to know it well, spending some quality time in it. If most guys could spy on a girl taking a shower (without ruining their political careers), they would. Isis, an exotic, erotic dancer in a Madison, Wisconsin club, gives us some soapy tits-n-pussy action. One third into the video, Isis moves over to the bathtub. This is truly a clean girl, both in body and mind. A lot of girls are quiet when they do a solo video, unless it’s an interview, but Isis is a chatty girl. She’s expert at toying so we’re guessing she’s gotten lots of practice. Running Time: 15:09

When we last saw Isis on video, she was interviewed before she stripped off and oiled up. Now go for a spin with a cute, new busty-girl-next-door. Looking for a fun driving companion? You cannot go wrong with choosing Isis Haze as your traveling buddy. But give Isis the backseat. She needs a lot of room to stretch out. She also needs a lot of room to release her big tits (naturals, you bet) from the cloth prison of her red crop-top. Isis may set a SCORE speed record for a model getting bare-chested in a moving vehicle. Isis is definitely not shy and she wasn’t worried about people on the road spotting her backseat gyrations. In fact, she was very comfortable and this SCORE video is the proof of that. “I love your car!” Isis exclaims as she dabbles a finger in her honey-spot. “The bumpy ride makes it so much better!” The ailing auto industry might want to check this SCORE video out and learn how to make better car commercials. See Isis in the photo series Isis Haze: Backseat Driver in SCORE Studio.

Since Isis Haze is debuting in Holiday ’08 SCORE magazine, a matching video in SCORE Theater provides the full, multi-media experience. (The Net’s great, ain’t it?) A dancer from Wisconsin, discovered by a Boob Cruise veteran who walked into a titty club, Isis is the biggest-breasted girl in her club. A SCORE interviewer boob-chatted with Isis so we could all learn more about her and there’s sure a lot to learn. Isis seems very proud of her tits. There’s nothing more pleasing than a girl who’s big-busted and proud. She has a very beautiful body, overall. Isis also has a special “winking” talent she shows off later in the video. You’ll see what that is around nine minutes in. As this video rolls, you’ll see how breast-oriented Isis is. With all the boob tricks she knows, we see a good candidate for a future episode of SCOREtv. You’ll definitely love what Isis does with a bottle of oil. Since this is her very first time, she’s interested in what you guys think so send your comments to Running Time: 16:53.

When it comes to a hot show, Isis Haze needs icy water to cool down her beautiful smokin’ body. And you may need a cold shower after seeing her play dirty for almost 20 boiling minutes in this SCORE Video. “”I dance at a club called Silk in Juneau, Wisconsin near Madison,” says Isis. “I dance down to nudity. There’s a photographer who comes in on our VIP nights, Ricky, and he said that because I have big natural breasts, SCORE would want me, and that’s how I came to SCORE. I’ve been dancing for a few years. Always fully nude. I started out like that right away. I like to do a lot of tittie things when I’m on stage. I’ll lay on stage and push my tits together. I’ll get on my hands and knees and dangle and slowly swing my tits. I’ll clap them together. Tits are great things to have. What I do in this video, I can’t do on stage! It’s too hot!”

Isis Haze was discovered by a SCORE magazine reader who’s sailed on the Boob Cruise several times and makes strip clubs his second home. Does he love tits? With all his heart. When he strolled into a club called Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin and saw Isis’ 40 inch 34FF’s, he was breastnotized. Later on, he managed to take some test shots of her and send them to “I’ve been dancing for a few years. Always fully nude. I started out like that right away,” says Isis, who in this SCORE Video is in charge of the SCORE Casino and specializes in getting guys to lose their shirts. And their pants, underwear, etc. “I know there’s lots of posting on the Internet asking when I’m dancing. Their favorite trick is when I lick both my nipples. And then I lay two dollar bills down and pick them up with my titties. Guys definitely like that!” Isis tries and succeeds at one of the most popular boob tricks here: holding one breast in her mouth hands-free by suctioning the nipple. Most girls can’t do it. It’s very difficult. Isis is the hottest “stick girl” we’ve ever seen at a craps table. Vegas should follow our lead and hire more hotties for their table games. “Casino de Cleavage” is a first. No one’s ever toyed herself on a craps table in the SCORE Studio, let alone someone as hot as Isis Haze! She didn’t roll snakeyes with boob-men! They hit the jackpot!

A SCORE shower video is near and dear to a breast-man’s heart. It’s good, clean fun and it really lets you check out a girl from head-to-toe. Isis Haze stepped into the SCORE dressing room shower and our shooter followed her in. Isis has a gorgeous body. No wonder she’s a huge hit in the Madison, Wisconsin club she dances in. Turns out that the shower was only a prelude to more soapy tits action. One third into the video, Isis switches to the models’ bathtub. She starts to get too horny for a girl without a man to grab and sit on so she takes things into her own hands, thinking about fucking one of her boyfriends. Isis is a natural in more ways than one. A lot of girls are very quiet when they do a video but Isis is a chatty girl. She’s also a natural with a fuck-stick, knowing how to work her pussy and big jugs with that toy. Our video editor wears headphones and when Isis came from plugging her delightfully thick-lipped slit, she screamed in orgasmic splendor and nearly blew his eardrums out! Don’t worry Isis, he’s fine.

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