Gabriella Michaels
Ohio is the home state of many hot Voluptuous and XL Girls. 40DD Gabriella is one of Cleveland’s finest. The name Cleveland, of course, is derived from the word cleavage. The towering 5’11” piece of fuck-bait has a sex drive that could power downtown Cleveland. “I like to watch basketball, have a lot of nasty sex and I like to shop,” says Gabriella. “I was a cheerleader in high school. Sometimes guys ask me to fuck them in my cheerleader outfit. I have other costumes in my lingerie drawer.” Guess it’s those pom poms you can’t stop waving around, Gabriella. In fact, her very first pictorial (in February 2007 Voluptuous) featured her in a fantasy-sex cheerleading costume. With stripper heels, of course, which gave her another six inches in height. Gabriella still lives in Cleveland and keeps very active…especially sexually. She’s thought of moving to Europe, but face it, Gabriella, you could take the girl out of Cleveland but you can’t take Cleveland out of the girl. The guys in Ohio need you.

Gabriella Michaels is out for a run. Her heavy hooters have a bouncing life of their own despite Gabriella’s sports bra under a tight top. The heat and humidity get to her so she accepts a ride from V-Man Ashley instead of walking home. He asks her to bounce for him for a ride and she does, so the boob-hound takes that as a promising sign. Gabriella invites Ashley inside where they get cozy. He asks if he can play with her jugs. She’s happy to accomodate him and he encourages her to lick her nipple. He begins licking and sucking her tits which gets her pussy good and wet for his upcoming love-tool. Once her bra has been dropped below her breasts, he has Gabriella twirl and bounce them. She’s found someone who drools over her big ‘uns. She’s happy to suck, and before you can say “bounce baby bounce,” she’s got a naked dude on her couch feeding her a hard-on. Gabriella gives him a tremendous, sloppy, gooey blow job, tits twirling while she bounces on the couch, then she drops to her knees to tit-fuck his cock, rubbing and heating it with her soft, wet breast-flesh. Her snatch needs friction too and by now it’s time to fuck and fuck like they mean it. Ashley rams Gabriella on the couch with solid strokes. This chick is overjoyed to jump on the pole and her enthusiasm for sex comes through on video. She likes a rigorous pounding. When she hits the floor to get drilled from behind, the camera captures her tits dangling and hanging. By the time they’re done screwing, Gabriella gets into position, offering her tits to be cream coated. She oohs and aahs as the nut-milk blesses her boobs. Gabriella’s bouncing tits have once again proven that they are a girl’s best friends. Immediately following this episode of Bounce Baby Bounce! is a video of Gabriella on the set of a Voluptuous magazine photo shoot. We salute Gabriella Michaels with pants half-off. She has done well.

It’s a hot day and Gabriella Michaels is dressed for the weather: low-cut tank so her tits can breathe and a denim mini-skirt. Just what you want to see a big-titted blonde wear, right? Fishing rod in hand, she heads to the lake. Gabriella has just cast her line when Sir Jeremy Holmes appears out of nowhere, his boob radar operating on all frequencies. He invites her into the privacy of his van to show her his own rod and fuck her brains out. Gabriella’s eager to suck up to him.

Cleveland, Ohio’s Gabriella Michaels was 5’11”, 160 pounds, 46-32-38 and needed a 40F-cup bra when she came to SCORE. Now this is a fucking Amazon. She called herself “Best Chest in the Mid-West.” Gabriella had a website so fans could meet her but it’s no longer online.

“Guys should be the dominant one,” said Gabrielle. “If I have to chase a guy, it means to me that he will probably not be forceful and in charge in bed. If I’m going out with someone, my date should have everything planned out, no questions. Don’t ask me what I want to do, tell me what you’re going to do with me. A lot of women pretend they don’t want that but most of them do deep inside.”

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