Harmony Bliss
Harmony Bliss blisses out and makes beautiful music with her big boobs and tight pussy. But don’t let the baby grand piano fool you. Harmony is an old-school metal-head rock fan and has been one for years. She sang in heavy metal bands in New York, New Jersey and Los Angeles and, in LA, she sang in an all-female band. After that, she switched careers and became an exotic dancer and model. Some of her favorite bands are Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Queensryche and Queens Of The Stone Age. The heavy metal scene’s loss was the big boob world’s gain.

At the eBoobStore, the staff is hard-working, diligent, busty and smokin’ hot. The afternoon shift is covered by Harmony Bliss, who not only knows the product, she appears in it. Yes, Harmony always dresses this way at work. When a girl’s got it, we urge them to flaunt it. Today she followed our advice and wore one of her new tube tops which decorates her hooters so nicely. While Harmony is tidying up the store, and playing with her nipples, Colton is driving around lost, and naturally when you’re lost and worried, you stop off at an adult magazine store and act like a weirdo with the female clerk. But that’s cool because Harmony knows how to successfully deal with all types of dudes. She recommends SCORE magazine to Colton because, well, she’s a company woman, and it’s amazing how far a cover will go. Harmony comes on strong because she can instinctively tell when a guy needs a woman to take charge. This is the case here. She invites him to cop a feel of her 34FF-cups. When his fingers glide along her soft skin, it’s all over. He’s hooked. Now we know why there’s a couch in a porn store…so Harmony can have a comfortable place to ride her new friends! Life imitates art as they hump away until Colton douses Harmony’s skilled tongue and tits. Man, you talk about customer support! Every bookshop needs a quality sales rep like Harmony Bliss behind the counter. Running Time: 27:42

Harmony Bliss heads poolside for some relaxation. She’s decked out in a tiny string bikini that looks great on her. She wastes no time playing with her tits including some nipple-tongue action. Meanwhile, Carlos is checking out her body and likes what he sees. Harmony gets some good vibrations by pulling on her bikini bottom to stimulate her pussy. When she pulls it aside, her “outie” (self-opening) pussy can be seen. When Carlos comes over, Harmony puts him to use, handing him a bottle of suntan oil. Oiling Harmony’s body will be a pleasure. For her too, since she loves getting her tits touched and oiled up by man-hands. Things escalate to nipple licking while Harmony fingers her pussy. It’s pants-droppin’ time before long and Harmony reaches out for some cock. Between sucks, she tells Carlos she enjoys the taste of his shaft. The rich, meaty flavor gets her more excited. She suggests they head to his room for a bed and air-conditioning. Harmony’s time spent in Los Angeles was productive, judging by the terrific way she spits on his cock and deep-throats him, hands-free. Carlos gets impatient to penetrate Harmony’s pink hole and flips her over so he can fuck her face-to-face, standing by the bed as she lays on her back, her legs open. He pumps fast, the bed frame knocking with each pistoning. Harmony’s unrestrained huge tits quake and shake as he approaches ramming speed. Harmony gives his cock a quick mouth-lube, then gets on her hands and knees for a fuck from behind. The thrusts drive her wild. She takes off her shoes so she can mount his man-pole in a reverse cowgirl and then face-to-face cowgirl. Carlos is near bursting by this time and Harmony knows it. She dismounts and sits on the bed while he stands by her. Harmony continues to reveal the latent talent she has for visually hot hardcore but kept under wraps during her years of only solo posing by jerking off his cock with her hand, her tongue sticking out lasciviously for the cum she seeks to extract from his balls. With a groan, Carlos pops his nuts all over her tits. Only a robot could have held back his ejaculation from her intense cock worship. Licking cum off her finger is the dessert Harmony so richly deserves for being such a hot fuck. Scoreland sends Harmony Bliss props for her sexual prowess and enthusiasm, unseen until now. We’ve waited patiently for this moment. See Harmony’s photos in Hardcore Special. Running Time: 22:21

In 2004, Harmony told a SCORE editor, “When I was growing up, I used to love seeing older pictures of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot and Raquel Welch–the voluptuous glamour girls. I don’t think you see that as much now. With SCORE, there seem to be a lot more natural-looking girls. Myself, I like seeing the girls get all dolled up for the photo shoot, in fancy outfits, sexy lingerie, like the pin-up girls of old used to do. I don’t even like all of the XXX hardcore. I like the glamour stuff more. I don’t need to see cum shots and I’m not a huge fan of those close-up shots.”

Do you know how long the wait was to see Harmony do a hardcore scene? She first posed naked at SCORE in July, 2001. This first XXX scene was shot in September, 2008. Scientists claim that every cell in our skeleton is replaced every seven years. Still, it was worth the wait to see Harmony get sexed.

Harmony Bliss is wearing a string bikini at poolside. She begins playing with her tits. Harmony pulls on her bikini bottom. When she pulls it aside, her “outie” (self-opening pussy) can be seen. Carlos comes over, Harmony hands him a bottle of suntan oil and has him grease her up. Harmony reaches out for his cock and tells Carlos she enjoys the taste.

The blonde suggests they head to a room. Harmony spits on his cock and blows him, hands-free. She’s learned a few things from porn guys. She can get about half of his thick cock in her mouth. Carlos wants to stuff Harmony’s pink taco and flips her over so he can fuck her, standing by the bed as she lays on her back. He fucks her fast, the bed frame knocking with each thrust.

Harmony’s big tits shake as Carlos rams her. Harmony gets on her hands and knees for a doggie. She rides his cock in a reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. She sits on the bed while he stands by her, ready for cum. Harmony continues to demonstrate the hidden talent she has for sex on-camera but kept hidden during her years of toy playing. She finishes him off by jerking his cock with her hand… her tongue begging for the man-juice she wants his nuts to spurt all over her big boobs.

In 2004, Harmony Bliss said, “Myself, I like seeing the girls get all dolled up for the photo shoot, in fancy outfits, sexy lingerie, like the pin-up girls of old used to do. I don’t even like all of the XXX hardcore. I like the glamour stuff more. I don’t need to see cum shots and I’m not a huge fan of those close-up shots.” Let’s move up to the present. Modeling in SCORE since 2001, Harmony decided after years of solo modeling, mainly magazine shoots, to go ahead and try a few things with guys to see if she liked it. A big cock was located so Harmony could tit-fuck it and jerk it off on camera in POV style. She did an admirable job, very nice! Instead of imagining your dick sliding between her big tits, she did it for real. Mr. Dick cums in a cocktail glass she holds between her jugs and Harmony pours the semen on them. Screw the magic of imagination. The real thing is so much better. Thank you, Miss Bliss.

They have big tits and bikini bodies. This is the first pairing of Harmony Bliss, longtime SCORE Girl and Mia Starr, a fairly recent arrival (December ’07 SCORE magazine). Mia rinses off her beautiful bod and climbs into the hot tub where Harmony is waiting with bated breath and lickable lips. They are anxious to suck each other’s pointy nipples in water as hot as the hormones flooding their pink pussies. The busty bitches start slow and get hotter as they get more aroused. Harmony leans back so Mia can pull back her tiny bikini bottom and tongue her cooch. They pull aside their tops so they can lick and rub their nipples, tit-to-tit and tongue-to-tit. From behind Mia, Harmony inserts a monstrous dildo shaped like a python. At first, Harmony can only get the head of this dong into Mia’s tight hole. With slow, careful strokes, Mia’s snatch opens wider to accept more of the shaft. Will Harmony get the same toying from Mia? What else do these busty slit-kissers have in mind? Start the video and find out! This scene is on DVD in Busty ‘N’ Wet.

It’s private time with Harmony Bliss, one of our favorite Juggy Dolls. Watch as she strips off her tight jeans and clingy top, wets a finger and rubs her nipples until the pointy nubs stiffen. Harmony explains in detail how she likes her jugs handled and then she gets totally nude and pulls out her big, black fuck-toy. She strokes her wet pussy with it, sticking the thick chick-stick all the way inside her snatch. Harmony says she masturbates once a day and that’s above average for the average American woman. “The best is in the bathtub,” says Harmony. “I have several vibrators but even using a piece of clothing or bed sheet will work. I have a variety of vibrator sizes but size doesn’t matter when I’m using a vibrator. I like to use the vibration of the vibrator all over my clit and the outside of my pussy. Sometimes I fantasize about having sex in a public place, the beach, under the boardwalk, on a plane or in the bathroom at a party. I might fantasize about a really hot celebrity I like or a good-looking musician that I just saw at a local club. One of my past lovers had some problems in the bedroom and once he saw me masturbate, he was all back in working order.”

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