May West – May Is Bustin’ Out

May Is Bustin’ Out

May Is Bustin' Out

May West was looking to do adult modeling. One of our studio staffers spotted her and contacted her.

“I was definitely the bustiest girl in school,” May said. “People would identify me as ‘The girl with big boobs.’ Also, when other students accused me of stuffing my bra, I would reply, ‘I could flash you right now but I just don’t want to.'”

“I was a dancer in college and I still drop into classes from time to time. I enjoy hiking and cross-country running. I am more of an artistic girl than anything. I watch soccer and rugby. But I haven’t played on a sports team since middle school.”

May is into the fetish scene. Living in New Orleans is one of the cities for that. “I enjoy a lot of BDSM activities. Some of my top favorites are spanking, dominating and role-playing. I’m a big advocate of masturbation. I consider all my firsts to be with myself. First vaginal penetration, clitoral orgasm, and female ejaculation all happened with me, myself and I. I generally like to be in a relaxed place and stimulate my clit and finger myself while I fantasize and then eventually climax.”

Stacked with a natural bush. Let’s hear it for May West.

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