Katarina Dubrova
Little seen in travel agency brochures, Hooter Hotel is located near an obscure village in an eastern European nation. The staff is composed entirely of busty babes. This is an idea of genius. Our Man From S.C.O.R.E. using the code name Mr. Johnson has checked into this paradise and has already met the room service waitress Karina and the bell-hop Melissa. Today he runs into Katarina and Dominno, two slinky maids mysteriously prowling the hallways in search of…what?

Mr. Johnson sees them outside his room. “I only checked in a couple of hours ago,” he says to the giggling chicks. “It can’t be dirty.”
With a giggle and a smile, Dominno replies in her Czech accent, “We MAKE it dirty.” She laughs.

The maids enter his room and wet the sheets with pussy juice as they get off with hot, lipstick-lesbian sex and a huge toy. Johnson is impressed. These are really good housekeepers. They’ve made such a mess of the bed sheets, it’s a good thing they’re maids. Now can they clean up the room before they leave?

Our final scene of knocked-up Katarina Dubrova before she delivered begins with Katarina feeling herself up and dangling her much larger tits. What a hot baby mama. She walks over to David, who’s reading a magazine. Since it’s not SCORE magazine with her pictures, Katarina takes it away and tosses it. She wants satisfaction.

Katarina takes her swollen boobs out of her dress. They need sucking. David obliges, licking and kissing them. Katarina pinches her nipples, and a bit of milk comes out that she rubs into her dark areolae.

Katarina squeezes David’s junk, and the touch of her soft hand naturally produces wood. She takes his cock out and rubs it against her nipple. She squeezes her nipple and rubs the leaking juice on the head of his cock then lifts it to her lips.

Hungry for dick, Katarina gets on her hands and knees in a doggie on the ottoman. David stands and fucks her mouth. Katarina kneels to suck him some more and tit-fuck him. She lies back and parts her panties so he can lick her pink.

Ready to fuck, Katarina spreads her lips apart so David can plunge into her pussy, the first of several positions they will screw in. The first time Katarina was pregnant and fucked (“Pregnant Sex”), he came in her mouth. The next two times, her pussy was semen-filled. Katarina wants his load in her mouth again this time so she can taste his cum. Pregnant women are always hungry.

Thanks for all the knocked-up knocking you gave to SCORELAND, Katarina. It’s been real.

Katarina Dubrova is nearing the end of her pregnancy. She’ll be giving birth soon. Her sex drive has been off the charts the past few months as her hormones flood her gorgeous body. This year we’ve seen Melissa Mandlikova pregnant as well as Natalie Fiore over at XLGirls.com. Kat is the friskiest of them all because she’s done several hardcore sex scenes on-camera.

Kat is dressed like she’s preparing to become a house mom. She unbuttons her dress and pulls her pregnancy-bloated big boobs out of her supportive bra. Taking a breast in her hands, she squeezes it. A few droplets of pre-natal breast milk (called colostrum) leak out. Kat takes a can of whipped cream and sprays her nipples. She sticks her long tongue out to lick each nip and uses her fingers to scoop up some cream, popping them in her mouth. She has a sweet tooth.

Kat takes off her dress. Now she is just wearing mommy panties. She pulls it to the side to touch her clit and pink hole, then removes her panties. Her pussy lips are thick and protruding. She uses two fingers to rub and pull on them and rub her lady boner. Her moans of delight fill the kitchen. Kat wants more tingling and she wants to cum. She wants a toy to fill her up. There happens to be one right next to the dish of apples on the counter. Kat sticks it in and her hand looks like she’s beating eggs. You can hear the squishing sound of her pussy getting wet and gooey. She makes contented sighs and to quench her sweet tooth, sprays more whipped cream directly into her mouth. Katarina, you are so sexy.

The beautiful Katarina Dubrova is approaching her special delivery date. She heads to the doctor because she wants a check-up. He tells Kat to have a seat on his exam table so he can examine her, beginning with her ever-growing big boobs. He checks her pulse and her heartbeat then has Kat go behind a curtain to strip to her pink bra and panties.

Katarina returns to the table and takes one breast out of her bra. She’s beginning to leak a little colostrum, the milk her baby will suck when he or she begins nursing. The doctor tells her this leakage is normal during the last few months.

Katarina stretches out on his table. He feels her belly and examines her sensitive pussy. Already very horny all of the time, Katarina reaches for his junk, sticking her hand down his pants. He drops his trousers, which is clearly a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and official medical regulations, but it’s okay. He’s not a real doctor anyway.

Kat pulls his boxers down and fondles his cock, pulling and rubbing it then getting on all fours on the table to suck it good. She’s too horny not to. Her tits dangle. While she blows him, she tugs on one nipple with her free hand.

Kat gets off of the table and lowers herself so that her breasts are in line with his babymaker. He sticks it between her big tits, and she massages it with those soft, smooth jugs. She takes a break to suck on it some more and puts it back inside her cleavage. He begins pumping her tits harder and faster.

Kat’s tits are so hypersensitive due to her pregnancy that she wants more jug-fucking. It feels good. The doc lies back on the table and Kat kneels, squishes and massages his hard-on. They have to fuck now. Kat climbs on top of him and sticks his cock in her pussy. She rides him, bouncing her boobs in his face. They reverse positions, Kat on her back. The doctor screws her in missionary and sprays his nut-juice into her pussy while she spreads her lips and rubs her clitoris fast. She gets off on that, too, since she can’t get pregnant twice. “I feel better now,” Kat tells him. Health care is free in the Czech Republic so Kat doesn’t have to pay him before she leaves. No doubt he’ll want to make a house call shortly for a follow-up beef injection.

Our photo staff over in the Czech Republic told us that Katarina was so horny that she was constantly touching and rubbing herself even off-camera. Pregnancy does that. Katarina’s boobs have been getting bigger and bigger and much more sensitive. Her vulva is more sensitive and engorged. Her sex drive is in warp drive. She masturbates, fucks and cums more intensely.

Comments Roberto, “I’m never gonna get tired to watch her in that state of motherhood! Pity her pregnancy is going to come to an end soon when her baby be born. I will never see Katarina the same way after her knocked-up shoots but like a very hot busty MILF when that beautiful belly bump be gone.”

When Katarina Dubrova’s first knocked-up XXX scene (Pregnant Sex) was shown at SCORELAND, a member wrote, “Thanks to SCORE for this! A stunning busty model for a superb pregnant sex scene. We need more, please!”

Katarina returns for more in “Knocked-up Humping.”

This time, Katarina is wearing a skintight, low-cut cocktail dress that clings to her big belly bump and bigger boobs like cellophane. She primps by the mirror as she touches-up her lipstick. She is truly a knocked-up knockout. She looks like she is heading out for the evening. But that’s not the case. Katarina picks up her cellphone and calls her guy David, telling him to come over. This is not a going-out date. This is a date in the bedroom with a busty beauty. Katarina needs to be fucked.

Katarina takes David by the hand when he gets to her place and walks him upstairs to the bedroom. He caresses her swollen belly and heavy tits. After peeling off her panties, he lays on his back so Katarina can sit on his face and get his vibrating tongue up her honeypot. This drives her crazy. She fondles her full hooters encased in their push-up bra and moans loudly.

She takes her bra off and leans forward in a 69 to suck his cock, staining his dipstick with her lipstick. While David’s mouthing off Katarina, she jerks and sucks him. Katarina wants some of that between her joyous jugs and kneels on the bed so he can stand and hose her hooters. She takes his cock in hand and rubs the head against her nipples. Katarina’s enlarged tits must be twice their normal size compared to her slim and stacked body in “Hot Cream Injection For A Busty Beauty.”

Eager to have her pussy filled, Katarina climbs on top of a supine David and, with a greedy, loud “Yeahhhhh,” sticks his boner inside her and begins fucking him, removing her dress. She slaps her ass and she’s loving that cock! What a hot dish Katarina is.

Being pregnant has made Katarina hotter than ever for sex and she savors every second of the ride. Even if David does shoot his load into Katarina’s hot pink spot, she can’t get pregnant twice!

In this SCORELAND video, Katarina Dubrova practices her nipple training exercises in preparation for her special delivery. First, Katarina devotes some time to sensuously rubbing her belly bump. She gets an enormous amount of pleasure from this.

Shaking her now-bigger tits, Katarina unhooks her bra to expose her boobs. She’s wearing a maternity bra that has extra hooks on the main straps so a woman can drop one cup and feed her kid. She rubs her sensitive nipples and squeezes her soft tits to get ready for her next step.

Katarina pulls a breast pump out of her titty-purse and pumps each nipple, perking up each pointer. She cleans each nipple with a special solution, using her fingers to tweak her nipples and make them stand out even more.

Katarina then applies a small amount of lanolin to each nipple and rubs it in very carefully. This is for the clear plastic nipple shields she places over each tit. There are three holes in each shield. Nipple shields are used to help mothers and babies to breastfeed. It aids babies in latching on to the nipple and it also protects the nipples.

All of the breast play and nipple training and practice has made Katarina very horny and given her a boob-gasm so the last device she takes from her bag is a hard vibrator for her pussy. Using her fingers to spread her lips and rub her clit very hard and fast, Katarina works the toy in quickly and in her own favorite motion so she can cum hard. She grabs one breast and brings it to her mouth while she finishes herself off.

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