Suzie Sun – Suzie Gets The Business

Suzie Gets The Business

Suzie Gets The Business

On her knees in front of Steve, Suzie Sun wants to go shopping. Steve is busy doing business on the phone. Nothing distracts Suzie from her goals. She has two hobbies. Shopping and sex and not in that order. While Steve is talking, perky little busty pixie Suzie stares at him, unzips his fly, takes his cock out of his pants and swallows it down. She takes the phone out of his hand, tells his business partner that Steve is busy, hangs up and goes back to studiously sucking his cock. Business can wait. When Suzie wants dick, she gets it.

Suzie’s suck-off gets Steve moving. He gets off the bed, shifts her panties to the side and licks Suzie’s pussy from behind, savoring her girl juices. They’re both still fully dressed as he bones her in doggie, pulling her head back by the hair and ramming into her. Suzie’s passionate responses drive Steve even more crazy.

Suzie makes purring sex sounds as her tits shake and swing from his thrusts. He puts her on her back and lifts up her legs to peel off her underwear and toss it away. She sits up and cups her boobs in her hands so he can fuck them. She looks at the cock sliding between her tits and wants him to play with them and suck them some more before she sucks him again and licks his balls. Just one more tit-banging and it’s time to experience the ecstasy of fucking Suzie’s tight, young pussy.

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