Natalie Fiore – A woman’s work is never done

A woman’s work is never done

A woman's work is never done

I love models, but they pull surprises on you, like going off and getting knocked-up. What’s a guy gonna do? You photograph them if they’re interested, that’s what ya do. Natalie Fiore’s 40HH-cup boobs measured 52-inches at this point. Massive. Her body transformation from her first time in 2007 (on DVD in Naughty In Nassau) is brain-freezing.

Natalie can’t vacuum for too long in her pregnant condition. She says she’s getting too sweaty and hot and her bra is getting damp. A woman’s work is never done, but we’re not slave drivers. She needs a break to play with her “teats” and her baby bump.

“They need a massage,” Natalie moans. “Let’s give them some attention, baby.”

She always talks during her scenes and has that rare talent of making you feel that she’s speaking directly to you. I always liked how Natalie pronounces the word tits. She always calls them “teats.” It has a sexy ring to it.

Natalie appreciates her fans and she always thanks them for their support. That’s one of the reasons she wanted to model pregnant. She could have stayed home until she delivered. In the DVD Preggers & Milkers 2, one of the two discs is loaded just with Natalie’s scenes.

“Women should show their cleavage all the time,” Natalie once said. “It’s sexy. If I could, I would never wear a top.”

I’m not on-board with this philosophy. There would be no anticipation, no build-up, if women walked around topless. And there would be no jutting boob shelves that push-up bras create.

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