Charlotte Angel – New & Sexy

New & Sexy

New & Sexy

Meet Charlotte Angel, your latest XL Girl crush.

“Some people who know me might be shocked to see me here at XL Girls but most of the people I know wouldn’t be too shocked,” said sexy Charlotte. “I was always a little wild even in school. I liked to party and have fun. I was never shy about sex so something like this wouldn’t be a huge shock.”

“One of the most important things for me is having a sweater in my wardrobe that fits,” Charlotte wants you to know in her first video. She’s wearing one of her favorites. There’s no way that anyone can miss those boobs in that sweater. “Along with every cute sweater is a cute bra. I happen to like this polka-dot bra under my sweater. It keeps my boobs just perky enough to see all the right curves.”

Charlotte’s first scene is a tit-man’s dream as she demonstrates the importance of a girl with her kind of hot body and big boobs wearing the right sweater and bra. Why hide what nature has blessed her with. You’ll be seeing Charlotte in every inch of her naked glory down to her bare feet. Miss Angel also wants to show you how she plays the game of “Pat the pussy.” This is how she does it.

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