Trinety Guess – Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor

You are invited to attend Ms. Trinety Guess’s sex education class. Please take careful notes as there will be a pop quiz later. Ms. G’s curriculum will cover many areas of sexology but will specialize in the big tits, big butts and sensitive pussies of hot XL Girls.

This course is dynamic, meaning Ms. G will herself demonstrate everything with her own highly erogenous zones. No charts, graphs, photos or drawings will be used. By the time this class is over, there won’t be a dry seat in the room so provide your own tissues. Masters & Johnson and the Kinsey Institute have nothing over Ms. G: Sex Ed Instructor. She’s a well-known figure, and has a well-known figure, attracting a line of horny students who follow her as she walks across campus.

“I’m open-minded and quick-witted,” says Ms. G. “And I have a sensual innocence to my look.” Almost everything you wanted to know about sex and chubby charmers and what they enjoy will be covered in Ms. G’s class. And please, no doodling or dirty drawings during her lectures.

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