Barbara Angel – An Angel In The Bedroom

An Angel In The Bedroom

An Angel In The Bedroom

Barbara Angel wants to go out and explore the city, hit a few pubs and then have dinner. Richy wants to fuck. Barbara hasn’t dressed yet. She’s in her bra, which is overflowing with her soft breast-meat, and her little panties. He pulls Barbara to the bed and massages her big boobs. She tries to get him to go out but Richy is persistent.

Barbara enjoys nipple play. It gets her horny. Her nipples elongate and harden from the pressure. Showing her lusty personality, she pulls off his briefs, smiling as she does it. Her eyes light up when she sees his cock. Bending over him, Barbara happily sucks it.

Barbara clearly has an aptitude for fucking on-camera and sex is a big part of her life. Barbara loves to see a cock between her tits and says she never has to ask. It happens naturally since she attracts tit-lovers. Barbara is an assertive girl who enjoys getting the full treatment. “One of my fantasies is to have sex with another girl and a boy, a threesome. I enjoy her pretty pussy while he’s doing me from behind.”

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