Angel Wicky – Sex with a hot Angel

Sex with a hot Angel

Sex with a hot Angel

When your date is dressed for dinner like Angel Wicky is here, you have a pretty good shot at getting some pussy later in the evening. Of course, that’s not always guaranteed. Some women just like to show off their tits. They know that tits are the ultimate fashion accessory, so they wear their tits like some women might wear a necklace.

Angel Wicky:

1. Does like to show off her tits.
2. Does know that tits are the ultimate fashion accessory.
3. Does show off her rack on a date when she’s super-horny.

So it doesn’t always have to be one or the other. Here, Angel and Thomas are on a date. They’re at a restaurant. There doesn’t seem to be a waiter around, so Angel serves up her tits and Thomas helps himself. Hey, who said this was a buffet?

We asked Angel Wicky if she has had sex in public, and she said, “Yes, in a car and in a park. For shooting, it’s cool and crazy. But for sex with someone I love? No. The truth is I can’t enjoy it and concentrate. I don’t feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, small space, people around…I need quiet and a comfortable place, where I can do what I want and how I want, without anyone else around.”

Did she say “love”? What’s love got to do with it?

Angel calls herself a perfectionist, and she applies that attitude to sucking cock and fucking.

“I’m a porno star and I have the honor and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and fantasies of the people who see me. So I concentrate on making perfect scenes and photos. I try to do my best so everyone will enjoy them.”

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