Suga Squirtz – Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

Suga Gets Stiffed

It’s a grey day along the marina. Not a cheery place for the lovely, sweet-faced girl named Suga Squirtz. Suga seems lonely sitting on the bench, pulling her tight tank top down to show some deep cleavage to no one in particular. You love a girl who can admire herself. Walking along the water, she passes Tony talking on his cell phone and stops when he says hello. So right off the snap, he knows… he knows this is not some snotty bitch who thinks she’s better than the man in the street. This is a responsive girl, a friendly girl. Maybe a girl who will fuck him.

Suga was waiting for a friend but she hasn’t shown up, she tells Tony. She’s lost. Ever the gentleman, Tony offers to help. He lives nearby. Suga asks if she can use his phone. They go to his apartment at his suggestion so she can call her friend although he’s got a phone in his hand. Sharp dude. At his place, in the bedroom, Suga makes her call and then sits on the bed next to him. Thinking forward, Tony immediately begins to fondle her soft, cushy chest. Suga is totally responsive and it looks like a lock that Suga is going to lick Tony’s cock-cone within a matter of seconds. From the second he saw her, he was aching to be inside her pussy.

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