Shyla Stylez
Canadian-made porn star Shyla Stylez has a SCORE showgirl kind of body. Slim, stacked, toned and beautiful with a gorgeous face, Shyla was born to be a sex star. After high school, Shyla moved to Vancouver and became a stripper, a model and a webcam girl. No husband and 2.5 kids for her. An adult actor saw Shyla, approached her and the action really started when she moved to the States. “Every time I call home, my mother tells me that I sound like a Yankee. I think I sound more like an American now,” the green-eyed blonde told Roger Pipe of RogReviews, an adult critic and journalist who often reviews SCORE websites and movies. Shyla did her first hardcore scene right before her 19th birthday. She loves super-cocks, the bigger the better. She loves it in her ass, her specialty. Shyla has no inhibitions and very few limits. Shyla likes guys who are…”Alpha males. The main man. The leader. I like a strong, take-charge man who opens the door for and then guides me through the doorway. I’m really attracted to manly hands. It turns me on. I’m a very sexually assertive person and I like sexually assertive men with powerful sex drives. Most of the men I come in contact with are super-virile, more sexually hyper than most men.” Shyla does hot anal sex in the SCORE DVD Busty ‘N Wet and her anal video for is part of the DVD Funbag Fuckers. Shyla’s been nominated for several AVN awards since 2003, which should be no surprise. What’s surprising is that she hasn’t collected one yet.

Here’s the deal. Shyla Stylez is wearing a tight tube top and even tighter denim booty shorts. She wants to go out to a bimbo party. Sounds nice but would you rather go out when you’ve got a beautiful one here at home? Or would you rather man-up, cut to the chase and do what you’d rather do for the after-party? The answer is clear. Undress Shyla and fuck the hell out of her gorgeous body right here and now. And for the icing on the cake, give Shyla’s tight butthole a good jamming. You can always get to the party later because bimbos hang out late. One of Canada’s greatest gifts to the world of big-tit fucking, Shyla is one of the hottest sex toys to hit SCORELAND in the last two years. She’s like Pam Anderson…only hornier, hotter and dirtier. “I like an Alpha guy, a guy who takes charge and wants to sexually dominate me,” Shyla says and this SCORE Theater video is the proof. This one has it all. Strip club fans can also catch Shyla Stylez on stage at a club near them and tell her SCORELAND recommended her show! This video is also on DVD in Busty ‘N’ Wet. Running Time: 20:06

In the SCORE movie Funbag Fuckers, Shyla Stylez is needy for a nutting. She telephones for male delivery and a funbag fucker rushes to her bedside in record time. Shyla does it all: dirty, sexy talk, deep throating, tit-fucking, and boning in both holes.

Ironically, this blonde with perfect California beach babe looks is a Canadian. In the beginning of the scene, Shyla is laying in bed wearing a hot stripper outfit, horny for a guy to ravish her. She calls JT and purrs into the phone, urging him to come over. She rubs the phone all over her big tits, hangs up and rips open her pantyhose so she can rub her pussy, making it wet immediately.
JT arrives and Shyla is all over him, grabbing his pussy-stuffer to suck and tit-fuck. They move on to a pounding coochie and ass fucking that proves just how scorching Shyla can get. It’s all action and it’s big tit porn at its best.

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