Kayla Kupcakes
Florida beach bunny Kayla Kupcakes started stripping as soon as she could.

“When I was 17, my parents sent me to modeling school. I started dancing when I was 19. I started at the Dollhouse in Fort Lauderdale. My cousin took me. She was a bartender there. And I started dancing there. I was shy. I had another girl walk on stage and hold my hand at the time. She was holding my hand and marching me on stage.”

This scene for Funbag Fuckers was shot in an actual hair salon in Fort Lauderdale. Kayla holds a cosmetology license and can do anything in that business. She’s a woman of many talents. It was Kayla’s first XXX shoot with a hired cock after years of invitations. She had always declined. It even took years before she used toys on-camera.

As soon as she did this scene and a follow-up, she jumped into porn with both feet (and boobs) for several years. That’s why SCORE staffers always joke that we’re some kind of big-boob finishing school.

Yes, the periodic pleading, whining and begging finally won over Kayla’s heart. Her experience in salons is what inspired this chapter of Funbag Fuckers, and that ain’t conditioner splashed on Kayla’s big boobs. It’s many dudes’ fantasy to bang a lady hair stylist in her salon.

Kayla Kupcakes has been a SCORE Girl since the June 1995 edition. The blonde showgirl, lap dancer and model is a Florida girl born and bred. “I used to spend most of my time at the beach, like most Florida girls. It’s too hot to wear a lot of clothes. I’ve been to many states. Florida is still the best place to live. I was a cosmetologist before I became a dancer and a model. I’ll probably stay a cosmetologist here when I stop showing my tits to you.” This hardcore scene took years to shoot. Kayla turned down many offers to try boy-girl action. She’s not a Puritan; she just wanted her sex life kept off-camera. She was cool with vibrators and anal beads but no pictures with penis. But we kept at it periodically and she finally decided to try it. We found the perfect guy for her. JT has a big wang and enjoys banging the brains out of big-titted strippers so this was a good blind date for the two of them. Kayla invited us to shoot the action at Beach Babies, a hair salon she was involved with. Since she is also a hair stylist in real life, the scene had a nice feel to it. After all, haven’t we all thought about fucking a busty hair cutter at one or more times in our lives? It’s a natural. They bend over you, tits six inches from your face. They usually wear hot, revealing clothes because they’re in the grooming business and they all like to doll themselves up. They’re touching you. At least your big head if not the little head. So JT fucked the blonde out of Kayla right in her stylist’s chair and gave her a nice cream rinse to finish her off. A gentleman, JT usually politely asks a girl if she “wants his fucking cum” before he releases his jizz all over her. Kayla did everything he told her to. Turned out that she’s a pushover for guys with big dicks. This scene is also on crisp DVD in Fun Bag Fuckers. After Kayla had her on-camera cherry popped, she discovered she liked show-fucking so much she did another scene with Nick Manning for SCORE Sexplosion. Miss Kupcake’s no-sex zone had finally been penetrated.

Talking about explicit modeling (spreads and toy play) and real sex scenes in 2001, Kayla Kupcakes said, “I think it’s better just to take glamour shots. You know, something that you can actually show your dad or mom. That’s the way I think of it. I don’t think I’d want to show them the insertion shots.”

Kayla’s first SCORE shoot was for the June 1995 issue. At the time, Kayla was a touring feature stripper. A big sports fan, she often lap-danced pro athletes. She did a few girl-girls, but she drew the line at sex scenes with men. It took over 10 years of periodically asking Kayla, and in 2005, she decided to try it.

When Kayla told us she had a cosmetology license, the idea of a stacked hair cutter fucking her customer clicked. Every guy who’s had a hot lady barber has fantasized about this. So this scene for Funbag Fuckers was shot at a real salon near the beach.

Naturally, as soon as Kayla did her first two hardcore scenes at SCORE, the gates blew open and she got into porn right away. But it’s nice to be the first.

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