Dolly Fox – Dressing The Boobs

Dressing The Boobs

Dressing The Boobs

Dressing the boobs and looking her breast at all times is in Dolly Fox’s nature.

Dolly has brought along several of her dresses and one of her string bikinis. In this Bonus video, Dolly tries them all on and gives us a running commentary about each one in her sexy voice. Her eye contact is always in eye-banging mode. How Dolly’s big tits look in her clothing is her priority when she buys a dress or a swimsuit.

While this dressing room video is centered on Dolly’s huge boobs and how they look in tight tops, she’s got a great bum and very sexy legs. It’s no surprise that guys go totally nuts when they see her. “High heels, tight dresses, deep cleavage, make-up, a manicure and pedicure and a visit to the hairdresser make me feel so sexy,” says Dolly.

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