Melissa Mandlikova – Knocked up

Knocked up

Knocked up

Filming pregnant girls has always been an edgy topic. We’d get pro and con emails and letters whenever we ran pregnant photos and videos with more coming in when the girl was well-known, such as Letha Weapons, than if she was unknown. When Lorna Morgan posed pregnant, one of our longtime readers K.S. offered his opinion. This was the last paragraph in a lengthy email.

“It’s just not boner-inducing (to me, anyway) to be confronted with another guy’s conquest. I don’t want to know about that, I don’t need to know about that. Any other aspect of a model’s personal life she wishes to divulge is fine, though.”

But for every anti-preggo guy, there was a preggo fan, and they’d write in too. Our reader poll yielded about equal pro and con results. Some didn’t care either way.

More recently, there’s been a shift in attitude by the readers about photographing girls with a baby on board. Guys don’t make a fuss about it like they used to. It’s similar in a way to how the readers have accepted married women posing, such as Shelby Gibson. We rarely get negative emails, and almost all of the responses have been positive. The past few years, we’ve filmed pregnant Natalie Fiore, Casey Deluxe, Shyla Shy, Bailey Santana, Micky Bells and Katarina Dubrova (who did several pregnant fuck scenes but only with her boyfriend). The latest is Roxanne Miller at

So when we learned that slinky and stacked natural Melissa Mandlikova from the movies Hooter Hotel and Busty Riding Academy got knocked up, we set up a photo shoot. It’s been 10 years since Melissa’s debut in December 2006 SCORE magazine. There’s some early Melissa on SCORELAND2, so take a quick look to see what her body looked like before her baby daddy knocked her up.

Here, Melissa is six-months pregnant but looks nine-months. Her bump is huge. Her tits look more than twice the size they were before pregnancy, and her pale areolae have turned a dark brown (so dark that Melissa’s nipples look camouflaged). At first, Melissa was unsure about posing pregnant. Then she changed her mind.

Some readers have suggested that we shoot a pregnant girl once every month until childbirth and then after if she’s lactating (which is often part of pregnant modeling). But I haven’t seen that even by studios that specialize in pregnant girls.

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