Samantha 38G – Pies & Thighs

Pies & Thighs

Pies & Thighs

This is a special diner. It has the biggest-breasted waitresses in the world. Suzumi Wilder had wet sex right on that table you’re sitting at. Porsche Dali fed two TSG editors by hand during work hours. The famous Samantha 38G is your waitress this shift and she’s brought over her juicy pie. She guarantees you’ll be back for more.

One thing we didn’t know about Samantha is that when she was in her twenties, she had a girlfriend who was skinny and had no boobs. “She chased me hard…flowers…gifts,” remembered Samantha who does girl-girl scenes but is into males way more than females.

“She was a stripper, I was a stripper. She came into the dressing room and fell in love with me. She pursued me hard. I don’t think I’ve ever been pursued that hard, even by a guy.” They eventually hooked up but it wasn’t the same. “It was all right; I can’t cum with girls like I cum with men…I’m multi-orgasmic with men.”

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