Delotta Brown – A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

A Lotta Delotta

“I’m a 34H,” Delotta Brown said. “That’s why I’m alotta Delotta! I have a small body except for my boobs and my ass. I think my boobs are extra special. My ass is nice, but my boobs are out of this world. I can do a lot of fun stuff with my boobs, too. I can hold things between them and under them with no hands.

“They’re great for titty fucking. I can slap you with one, but they’re quite heavy. They can hurt you if I hit you too hard with them. And I love when men suck on them. A guy can suck on them for a half hour and I’d be happy. I love cock. I like to force it down my throat and see how much I can take. But I’ll gag myself. I don’t need somebody to gag me. A lot of guys like for me to smother them with my titties. I like doing that.”

Delotta is the complete tit woman.

My favorite kind of hardcore videos begin with the girl playing with her tits and looking into the camera before the guy enters to get his hands on them. That’s what the cameraman caught in this Delotta scene.

When we asked Delotta what kind of guys she likes (besides pro porn studs), she replied, “A sweaty nutted man.” And she added, “I look at the broadness of his chest and back to make sure he is able to pick my thick ass up.”

There’s a lotta Delotta to handle, so I get where she’s coming from.

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