Wonder From Down Under
“I’m a sexually aggressive woman,” says Lila Payne, new arrival from the land of Oz. Sexy off the charts. Exudes erotic flair. “If I like someone, they will know it. Sex on a first date? Yes, if I like the person and there is good chemistry. If that person is boring, the date will end early. Someone being a very good kisser really turns me on. If the kissing is bad, everything else usually is too.”

Lila has a bright smile in her photos, videos and chats. What makes her laugh when she’s got the time to just kick back at home? “I love old-school Monty Python and physical comedy. I also laugh pretty hard at funny cute-animal videos on the web.”

“What a beauty!” writes BoobHound. “And the fact that she loves her own boobs, too, and isn’t complaining about back pain, makes her even sexier.”

“Wunda From Down-unda” Lila Payne does justice to her one-piece swimsuit. This spa has everything including a pool and it’s the perfect place for Lila to show off her huge, natural boobs and amazing body and get dripping wet. “Skinny dipping is really sexy to me,” says Lila. Absolutely.

Lila is already being called a busty legend by some bloggers with an eye for talent. She reminds us of some of the popular super-naturals of the late ’80s and early ’90s, and now busty legends, who dominated the bust magazines of yesteryear. She has that kind of charisma and spectacular body. When Lila walks into a room, she owns it and all heads turn. This would happen in Prague when she’d go off for dinner after shoots or when she was sightseeing. It happens every place she goes to. Has she ever seen a woman smack her husband for staring at her?

Seeing Lila in a swimsuit reminds us how rarely we see a true dream babe in public rocking a suit, either at the beach or at a hotel pool. Lila has that desire to please and that’s why she’s showing every luscious inch and playing with her immense boobs and wet pussy. She combines doll-like innocence with a sensual sophistication and a powerful sexuality.

Lila’s first magazine spread appears in July 2016 Voluptuous.

Lila Payne is a boobtastic Australian we found during a model search. When we first saw Lila, it was lust at first sight…from 10,000 miles away. The buxom brunette beauty is only the second Australian we’ve filmed. Angela White was the first in 2003. Lila is a fetish model, a webcam model, an escort and a BDSM and kink expert. But those erotic activities are not why we invited Lila to pose. The 36JJ-cup reasons are obvious in this photo set and video. And her booty is…what else?…bootylicious.

Lila had her choice of locations. She could go to the Caribbean which has been The SCORE Group’s favorite filming location since 1992 or she could go to Prague, Czech Republic and film at one of our European satellite studios. Lila was intrigued by Prague, saying the Czech Republic was the native country of her parents and she’s always wanted to see it. So Prague it was for Lila (Canada’s Roxee Robinson also filmed there).

The feedback about Lila came in fast on the SCORELAND Blog. Wrote Jack Purcell, “Having Lila here at SCORE couldn’t be more perfect, seriously. She had already mastered the image of the Rubenesque, classy, coquettish tart. A SCORE studio could only stand to ‘amplify’ that beauty! Stunning body, absolutely ‘mouth-watering’ pussy and yet another great acquisition for SCORE 2016! Can you guys be stopped?”

What SCORELAND members said about Lila Payne, the Australian super-natural who debuted on Valentine’s Day.

“Everything about her is so warm and comforting. I think I speak for most of us when I say that I have been anxiously awaiting her upcoming new vids.”-Livky.

“I would have to say Lila is what this web site is all about.”-Mam man.

“Amazing! Perfectly stacked. Such a beautiful woman. I could only be so lucky to have a night with her.”-Mr. Green.

Super-voluptuous Lila is an escort, a fetish model, a BDSM and kink expert and a webcam model. Eroticism is her life. “Kink forms part of my sexual identity,” said Lila. The brunette beauty definitely roped us into her web of bosomania with her big 36JJ naturals and bodacious booty. “My breasts are very heavy. They weigh six kilos [13 pounds] in total.”

Watch Lila’s exclusive interview in a separate video. She wears this outfit outside in the snow. It was cold but Lila brought the heat.

Meet Lila Payne. The amazing, incredible Lila Payne. We found Lila in Australia and invited her to pose for SCORE. Think of this as a Valentine’s Day special! Lila’s special gifts are a gift to SCORELAND members.

Lila is a natural-born winner in the voluptuous league of beautiful women. She’s also a natural-born model. “I love putting on make-up and getting dolled up,” Lila tells SCORE. “I love to play dress-up and try on all my lingerie. I have an enormous collection at home.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from Lila Payne and SCORELAND.

In this second Bonus video of Lila Payne, our cameraman visits with the Australian knockout as she’s practicing her yoga. It keeps her loose and stretched out. She knows her stuff as this video proves. Lila does yoga in the day and in the evening. “Some people need their coffee in the morning,” Lila tells him. “I have to do my yoga.”

LIla’s wearing panties and a SCORELAND shirt cut to show off her deep cleavage. Take a good long look at how her big tits stretch that shirt out as she does her flexible yoga “asanas” or poses. It’s sure to make a guy think deep thoughts…about sex.

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