The Hot Office Chick

Alexya can be it all. Girl-next-door. The hot office chick. Sporty babe. Party girl And in this scene, Glam girl in a buckled corset and black stockings. She can pull off any outfit. And Alexya always does, in several ways.

Alexya has a rack that painters, sculptors and SCORELAND members dream about and a beautiful face to match. She’s in the 1% of the world’s female population. Her Mona Lisa smile adds to her impact.

When she’s not in a studio, Alexya is out dancing at her favorite night spots back home or riding horses. We can just picture her big tits bouncing as she rides tall in the saddle or shakes her butt and boobs on the dance floor.

Alexya is hard at work at the office. Do you have a co-worker like this at your workplace? The truth is this kind of work is not suitable for a buxom beauty like Alexya. She could break a fingernail writing these stupid notes for the boss or get a back ache from the cheap chairs he provides for his employees.

Alexya should not continue this abuse a moment longer. Instead, she should be undressing for the SCORE cameras and playing with her big, fantastic boobs and pussy, a much more productive activity. So that’s exactly what she does. It really brightens up the office.

“Everything about Alexya oozes sex appeal, and her tits are magnificent. She will make her mark in the Newcomer of the Year contest. Please feature her as often as possible.”-K.B.

The countdown begins with Alexya happily bouncing up and down until the clock hits midnight and a new year begins. We’re looking forward to another big-boobed year with this gorgeous brunette and covergirl of December 2015 Voluptuous.

Now comes time to celebrate and Alexya slowly peels out of her party outfit, an updated version of a 1920s-era flapper dress. Every day and night is party time when Alexya is showing off every inch of her beautiful body.

K.B. expresses what many have indicated by mail, email and in the comments section, “You have another stacked international beauty in the same class as Karina Hart. I am totally blown away by beautiful Romanian F-cupper Alexya. Everything about Alexya oozes sex appeal, and her tits are magnificent. She will make her mark in the Newcomer of the Year contest. Please feature her again as soon as possible.”

Highly-rated on the SCORELAND Model Directory, Alexya is back to show her moves in a mix of yoga, calisthenics and martial arts, with a workout ball added for a few seconds, in a scene we call “Yoga Bare.” Alexya is super-supple and flexible and she can suck her own nipples and she does it all here.

Comments “Luvtitsandtoes,” “Alexya is so fine. Her body is beautiful at every turn, curve and nook. Her boobs are perfect in every sense. She has just the right bump in her ass and hips are wide enough to give you something to hold onto. She is the closest woman body wise I seen to perfection. Simply beautiful in every way.”

Aleya likes to surf Youtube and watch funny pet videos when she wants to laugh. She wants to travel more and see more of the world.

Alexya says that she gets tons of compliments about her looks, her boobs and her ass but she feels that it’s really all about having a happy attitude and how she treats people with a smile and a positive personality.

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