Cameron Skye – Oiled boobs and a fire crotch

Oiled boobs and a fire crotch

Oiled boobs and a fire crotch

This scene is called “Oiled boobs and a fire crotch” for very obvious reasons: naturally stacked wife Cameron Skye oils her boobs and has red hair on her pussy.

“Nobody has hair anymore,” pointed out Cameron, who also had hairless pussy the first time she visited our studio. “Nobody has a fire crotch, seriously.”

Yes, indeed, a fire crotch is hard to find, and once you find one, you’re hard.

Early in this scene Cameron, speaking in her very sexy voice, talks about getting her breasts massaged. She likes visiting spas where she can get her tits massaged (by women, of course; they have all the luck). They don’t massage her pussy, although we’re sure that can be arranged for a price. Me? I’d do it for free. I’m sure you would, too.

Cameron shows how she takes care of her fire crotch. Then she plays with her fire crotch. All of this is very educational and very jackable.

“I watch all my videos,” Cameron said. “I watch them with my hubby, who is a huge SCORE fan. I also watch them alone because it is such a turn-on. On the day each video comes out, I usually watch it by myself and relive my performance. Then, my husband and I watch them together a lot of times.

“When my husband was 20, before we met, he bought a SCORE magazine every month, fantasizing about the women in each issue. When my first scene from SCORE was released, it was the best sex of our lives. It was as if he was fucking a girl he had fantasized about for years. It is so surreal to actually be one of the people on-camera that people are fantasizing about.”

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