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Meet SCORE Newcomer of the Year 2015 Katie Thornton. Katie faced some extremely worthy competition for the votes of members and magazine readers. The first runner-up is Liza Biggs and second runner-up is reader’s wife Shelby Gibson.

Katie’s win was by a very narrow margin. “Katie won 19.8 percent of the vote compared to Liza Biggs’ 18.2% and Shelby Gibson’s 14.3%,” according to SCORE editor Dave. Katie’s the second Brit to win SCORE Newcomer. Lily Madison won last year.

Writes ED Rob, “While any and all of these ladies would be worthy winners, you only need to take one glimpse at Ms. Thornton to see that she would stand out even in a crowd as beautiful as this one. In fact, add to that an enticing Lancashire lass-style accent, which in Katie’s case somehow manages to sound exotically sexy even to a fellow Brit like me.”

“I love to laugh all the time,” busty blonde Brit Katie Thornton told SCORE‘s editors. “I like being silly and having a good time. Being happy is how everyone should try to be. If a guy can make me laugh, then he’s already got my attention. Sex on the first date. It’s possible. It depends. What’s the point in waiting if we feel there’s a connection right away?”

Highly rated at SCORELAND since her debut–she’s never left the top 20 list in the Model Directory–Katie has two SCORE magazine covers to her list of credits.

An entrepreneur besides being a model, Katie also owns a beauty salon near Manchester. She went to beauty school. “I used to work in it a lot but now I work there once a week. I’ve got three girls working for me. A lot of guys come in too. Not for hair, but for nails or massages.” And if their timing is right, Katie might be the masseuse that day!

Most of the time, photo shoots are done from dressed to undressed. Years ago, we began shooting the reverse, often starting with a shower then onto fully dressed. Dixie Bubbles, Daylene Rio, Natalie Fiore and many other SCORE Girls, past and present, have done this kind of shoot.

In this scene, British sensation Katie Thornton takes a shower, then dresses for an “important meeting.” It’s a ringside seat to the pleasures of watching a girl doing her “rituals.”

“Every time I go out, I get so much attention,” Katie says. “I love it. I love being photographed by the tabs. I love to show off my boobs. I’m always popping them out if the time and place are right.”

It’s always a holiday of hooters at SCORELAND and here comes Katie Thornton to drive that spirit home, decked out in her Santa’s helper outfit. Your Yule log will thank you. We have no idea how the old guy ever gets his deliveries completed with the distraction of Katie around to spread the joy.

L.S. has to say that Katie is one of “the most beautiful girls ever to have graced SCORE. An absolutely gorgeous face, body and magnificent breasts to compare with any girl anywhere, I can only manage about three minutes before I explode with the thought of her beauty, but I’m working hard at it.”

Voting in the SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest is hectic and tight with so many curvy candidates to choose from. Some of the comments on the write-in ballots for Katie include:

“A British beauty that cannot be ignored!”

“As a Brit I have to go for the Brit but I think she is the tops this year anyway.”

“I didn’t know who to pick for Newcomer. After a few weeks of thinking it over, I had to go with Katie Thornton strictly from a face, boobs and body point of view, like I was a judge at a beauty pageant, not what she does or doesn’t do.”

It’s always the most wonderful time of the year with a babe like Katie.

“I like to make an effort and dress to impress a guy,” says irresistible Katie Thornton, outside here but wearing an outfit meant for inside.

“I love to laugh and if a guy can make me laugh, he’s got my attention! Making me laugh is a must!”

How much of a chance does a guy have trying to pull Katie?

“Sex on the first date? If everything’s right and the timing is good. What’s the point of waiting? I’ll give a guy a cute, flirty glance and a cheeky wink and see how he handles it. One time a guy and I snuck down to the beach at night to have sex. Doing it in public is something a girl doesn’t forget.”

We tried for a whole year to arrange a visit to the USA, and Katie’s finally here. “I was in Prague twice with your photographers but now I’ve finally had the chance to come to America. I’ve been to LA, Las Vegas and Miami. I love Miami!”

Katie is definitely a Miami girl.

Katie Thornton and Danniella Levy hit the big 305 in their string swimsuits made for Miami living. SCORE took the girls over to their swanky house by the water so Katie and Danniella could pour oil all over their sexy, busty, perfect bodies and get chummy in a two-girl boob-orgy.

The suits come off as their rubbing and caressing escalate and the now-naked girls totally immerse themselves in oil, their skin glistening in the sun. The pilot of a helicopter passing by probably got an eyeful himself too. It beats watching a fur coat shoot in chilly Great Britain.

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