Danniella Levy – Bikini Babe Bash

Bikini Babe Bash

Bikini Babe Bash

SCORE magazine editor Dave called Danniella Levy the hottest non-porn star he’s ever seen.

Danniella has the perfect busty bikini body. The bikini was made for girls like Danni. We get to see that bikini bod and listen to her hot jack talk in this video shot outdoors in Miami overlooking the water. What a dirty mouth! We love it and her gyrations and grinding. A solo scene with Danniella is hotter than the hardcore scenes of many porn stars. She’s the kind of girl whose motor is running constantly…except when she’s asleep. And her dreams are probably hot too.

“I love shoes,” says Danni, who wears them constantly. “I like high heels and stockings. I like to have sex in them. I try to wear tops that show my cleavage. If you’re going to have tits this big, it would be silly not to show them. Even in the gym, I love my Jodie Marsh bra, and they keep your tits in so when you run, you’re not jiggling about, but they still give you sexy cleavage. I love them.”

“Damn, look at those gazongas! Danni is so freakin’ hot, I am a fan of her now.”-(German Engineer)

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