Roxi Red – Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape

Tale of the Tape

It’s been reported that more than 60% of women wear the wrong size bra. That’s where the professional bra fitter comes in. These days, they’re often called “Bra Fitting Specialists.” Training and certification are required but the pay isn’t so great: $7 to $9 an hour. Who cares? Consider all the boobs you can measure. We’d do it if we had the time but we’re too busy here at SCORE. Many bra fitters consider it an art form, not just a job. Maybe some of you guys should consider a hands-on position in this growing and expanding field.

Even though Tarzan is not a bra fitter, we threw him into the role and gave him Roxi Red to measure. This is like strapping a new Cessna pilot into the commander’s chair of the space shuttle. Roxi would be daunting to a bra fitter with 30 years of experience. She’s one of the world’s major mammary marvels.

Awe-struck, as well he should be, he’s bowled over by the size and weight of Roxi’s tits even though he’s met her before. The Roxi effect never loses power. When Tarzan tries to measure her bust and areolae with the tape, a bemused Roxi helps him out. Once the measuring ends, Roxi takes good care of his cock. This is not part of a bra fitter’s job at any lingerie or department store. However, it is at SCORE.

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