Karen Fisher – Desk sex with the big-titted supervisor

Desk sex with the big-titted supervisor

Desk sex with the big-titted supervisor

When it comes to fantasy story themes, the busty boss fucking her job applicants is one we don’t do a lot of. Karen Fisher was a great choice for this. She’s a big, strapping blonde bombshell of a woman who does the mature fuck-whore to perfection.

Karen started shooting for SCORE in 2002 and she’s still at it. It’s not a job for her; it’s a lifestyle. Dave gave her the Fisher name. She was simply Karen at first. Sometimes Karen reminds me of another strapping blonde, Kimberly Kupps, who shot for SCORE in the early ’90s.

In this interview, Karen is checking out The Champ, who’s applying for the position of truck man. Karen has to make sure he’s qualified to perform the numerous positions she requires, so she tests him out on her desk.

Before Karen came to SCORE on the advice of now-retired Corina Curves, she was a dancer, a bartender and a waitress. She got a nursing degree but never worked as a nurse. On the subject of nursing, Karen used to lactate for guys as a kinky sideline. I guess wet nurse is the term. She described what it was like hooking up with strangers with lactation fantasies that started at $250 an hour.

“A lot of people have specific fantasies they want fulfilled. Some people want me to baby them and treat them like I’m their mother. I’ll hold them on my lap and rock them, stroke their hair, squirt milk on them. Stuff like that. I had a guy who wanted me to put diapers on him. Another guy liked to milk me and watch me milk myself. He was weird. He wanted me to say ‘Moo’ and get on all fours. It was like he wanted me to be a cow or something. He wanted to milk me, but I wouldn’t let him. There’s some contact, but it has to be legal so there’s not much.”

Even with a large number of sex scenes since, Karen’s never done a gang bang, as far as I know. She started doing interracial a few years ago. She’s never done anal scenes on-camera because she says it hurts. She’s had anal sex with her now ex-husband but said she was usually drunk at the time.

My favorite Karen moments are a threesome she did with Kelly Christiansen because they physically complemented each other perfectly (they were both in SCOREtv Holiday Edition 2011) and the time she was filmed in an interview while she and Dave watched a porn scene she had done in a tub. Her reactions were priceless. We should do more videos of girls talking about their scenes while they watch them on TV.

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