Jordynn LuXXX – Man’s Favorite Sport

Man’s Favorite Sport

Man's Favorite Sport

Man’s favorite sport?

Watching girls like Jordynn LuXXX strut their stuff stark naked.

“I typically wear tank tops, tight shirts and low-cut dresses,” says Jordynn LuXXX. The feisty, horny little brunette made her magazine debut in the Spring 2016 edition of XL Girls.

“The tighter the better! I’ve always been the bustiest and the curviest girl around. Almost always. There was a girl who transferred to my school in the 10th grade who had tits as big as mine. That was the only time I was ever around someone as busty as I am. And my boobs got bigger than hers after a while, anyway.” Let that be a lesson to her.

“I would say that a lot of people look at me because of my breasts and always have. Most of the time, I don’t mind it. Very rarely has it bothered me. I love the stares. It makes me smile and blush. I typically wear a bra–usually a 40F or G–however, at home or with certain outfits, I can’t. I’m very lucky to still have perkiness to my breasts. Therefore, I enjoy going without from time to time.”

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