Sandra Star – Getting Ready For A Date

Getting Ready For A Date

Getting Ready For A Date

Sandra Star invites you into the inner sanctum aka the ladies dressing room. It’s an offer no one could refuse. Sandra is heading out for the day. Watch as she bathes and dresses. Oh, yeah, she needs a quickie cum too before slipping into her dress and heels. One of her big cock-toys will be good enough for now.

This is the first time at SCORELAND that Sandra is shown putting on a bra instead of taking one off. She hooks it from the front and spins it around and, with some effort, she stretches the cups over her bigger-than-big tits. This bra is undersized for her bust measurement and gives her massive, high-riding cleavage.

“I won’t wear a bra when I am going to a club and wearing something sexy, like a sheer top, and I want my nipples to show through,” says Sandra. All eyes are on her, whether she’s wearing a bra or not, when she goes out for the day or she’s traveling around Europe. “When I am wearing a very low-cut top or dress or something that does not have a back. I have very firm boobs, so if I don’t wear a bra, they will still stay up.”

In a 2nd boner Bonus video, Sandra uses a cock replica to show her expert blow job skills. It’s something girls looking for BJ tips should check out too.

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