Bambi Brooks – Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Whenever we get a young girl in our studios we ask her what her high school experience was like. After all, these teens don’t have much of a frame of reference for the real world.

“I was a social butterfly,” Bambi told us. “I didn’t really play any sports. They’re not my thing, really. I was the kind of girl that everybody knew would be down for a good time whenever and wherever.”

Does that mean that Bambi slept around?

“Not so much,” Bambi told us. “I lost my virginity at a normal age. It was with a friend in my pool in my backyard. Both of my parents were home at the time! And besides that guy, I’ve only had sex with a handful more. I’m not a slut! Whenever I talk to my friends about sexual fantasies, theirs are always more pervy than mine. The thing I think about when I masturbate is doing it on a balcony of a beautiful hotel or condo looking over the ocean. It’s cheesy, but it sounds romantic and the idea of it always puts me in the mood.”

That sounds like Bambi might be innocent.

“I’ve experimented a lot, even though my total guy-count is low. I’ve had sex with girls, too. One time, and this is, like, the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but I hooked up with this chick who had a foot fetish. I let her clean my entire body, then she spent over an hour kissing, licking and basically making out with my toes. It’s not normally my thing, but she got me going.”

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