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Micky’s magic

Micky's magic

She’s 5’8″, weighs only 128 pounds and has H-cup naturals. You might be able to say the same thing about .0000001% of the women in the world. Maybe less. Micky was a superstar natural when she was an XL/Voluptuous Girl, and she was still a superstar when she slimmed down to SCORE size.

Some girls (although not many) have tits as big as Micky’s, but rarely does a pair, even a pair of H-cups, dominate a girl’s chest the way it does Micky’s, and even rarer is the pair that hangs so beautifully. When it comes to all-time great hangers, Micky is on a list that has to include Nicole Peters and Venera. That’s impressive company.

“I had never noticed until I saw them in the magazine,” Micky said. “And then I thought, ‘They do look nice when they hang.'”

Of her new look, Micky said, “I feel more comfortable, more sexy.” She also said, “I don’t dress to attract attention, but I get it anyway.”

That’s because Micky is one in 8 billion. FYI, there are only 7.125 billion people on Earth.

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