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Melonie To The Max

Melonie To The Max

This was Melonie’s first boy-girl scene. She’d never been an exotic dancer, never gone to topless beaches or nudist resorts and had never been in a men’s mag or website before.

Melonie decided to play it to the max right away and she played it to the bone. She’s very pretty and her 34G breasts are traffic stoppers. She calls over the stunt cock to play with them.

As he touches them, Melonie gives him instructions and this adds a lot to the action. Her voice is sexy. “I like lots of boob play and titty action,” Melonie told a TSG editor. “My boobs are extremely sensitive. I think it’s really the nipple area that’s the most sensitive.”

What were her thoughts about BJ’s? “When I give a blow job, there has to be lots of hard sucking. It has to be tight and very hard sucking. It’s gotta be hard sucking to make the blow job really good. I swallow. Nice girls always swallow. I like to spit on the dick during the blow job, of course, but when it comes to the cum, I swallow. I have only done the whole cum on the face thing once and that was because the guy wasn’t comfortable cumming on my face more than once.”

What about fucking her tits? “All the time. They all do. I mean, it is just something for them to do, you know what I mean? When you have big boobs, all men are going to want to do it.”

We re-connected with Melonie but getting her back to XL Girls has been delayed until the timing is right. Hopefully that will be soon.

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