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Melonie To The Max

Melonie To The Max

This was 42-32-36 Melonie Max’s first XXX scene. An awesome babe, she was a great find and she took to nude modeling and hardcore like she’d been doing it for years. Her booty call in this merger was exhausted afterwards. She’s a naturally lusty woman with 34G-sized tits. That made her perfect for a feature movie called More To Fuck. “I developed early. I always had big boobs. I think I just started off as a C-cup and then it just grew from that. I went to a D, and then a DD and so on to G. As I got older, they grew. It runs in my family. All the women on one side of my family have big boobs. I actually thought about getting a reduction at one point in my life. But then I decided not to. I didn’t want to lose sensitivity. And I figured that they give me an edge.”

How did Melonie find us?

“I looked at the website ( and I thought that if those girls could do it, so could I. It didn’t look so hard. I figured I’d do it. I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect. But now I know what to expect and how to work with the photographers and stuff like that, so it’s a lot different.”

Melonie had no experience as a nude model or a dancer. She never went to naturist resorts or topless beaches.

“Never, and I have no interest in doing it at all either. I mean, people are staring already as it is. I figure that I can leave a little to the imagination. You know what I mean?”

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