Valory Irene – Cum sail away with Valory

Cum sail away with Valory

Cum sail away with Valory

Way too much time has passed since we last saw Valory Irene at SCORELAND2. The thing is, we have so many great girls to show you that the queue can get a bit long. So, here’s Valory, on-location in the Dominican Republic in 2013. That was an historic trip. Valory’s housemates in the D.R. were Hitomi, Sha Rizel and Joana. Now that’s greatness.

Here, Valory is wearing a sailor’s outfit. Well, a stripper’s version of a sailor’s outfit. Valory isn’t a stripper, but you get the idea.

“I like it better when I have a shirt with deep cleavage,” Valory said. “I like wearing V-neck shirts. It is almost impossible for me to cover my breasts completely and not look huge, so I like to show my breasts so people can see that my body is not huge. I always like to look my best. I like low-cut, A-line dresses and pretty shoes. Even if I am hanging around my house, I will never wear sandals. I always wear heels.”

That means she’s always ready to fuck. That’s what it means when a girl wears heels around the house.

Valory is from the Ukraine, but a year ago, she visited our studio in Miami for the first time. She had moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida and was planning on going to school.

“I love being here,” Valory said. “It’s great people, good weather, a lot of palm trees. You can go on the beach, you can get a tan and simply have fun.”People are more relaxed, for sure. More smiley, more friendly, they have more fun.”

That’s right, Valory. Men in Florida are always friendly to beautiful women with big tits.

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