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Frisky Kitten

Frisky Kitten

Lexy, you mentioned something interesting about the way you masturbate.
“[Laughs] Yeah, I like to put clothespins on my nipples and clit. I guess you could say I like a little bit of pain. Like if a guy gently bites my nipples or clit–I love it! I also love to get fucked hard. If we’re in missionary and the guy is slamming into me, I lose it and can cum so hard multiple times.”

Have you recently grown out your pubes?
“I’ve pretty much always had them like this. I shaved completely bald once but it wasn’t for me. Too itchy. I like having a little fuzz to stroke.”

What’s been one of your craziest sexual encounters?
“They mostly involve group sex. I recently started college and the first month I was there I went to a frat party that later turned into an orgy. I remember thinking, yes, it’s really happening! My dream is coming true! I’d been in three-ways before and I knew I liked the group sex thing, so an orgy was the next step. Everyone in the orgy was so hot, and I loved being able to go from sucking on a hot girl’s tits to sucking some guy’s big, hard cock, all while getting fucked from behind as different people felt me up.”

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