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Totally Miami

Totally Miami

Any bikini looks itty-bitty on Tiggle Bitties (covergirl May 2016 Voluptuous). She’s got the power–the boobs-and-bod power. Spend some time with bikini girl Tiggle and watch her go “Totally Miami.” “Being a model tops everything I’ve ever done,” says Tig.

Tig explains her bikini philosophy. More bounce to the ounce is right!

“If I go [to a water park] just for me, I’ll wear a bikini that fits very well. I don’t want to flash kids. If I’m going to have fun, they might come out. The couple of times I’ve tried jogging, they’ve come out. It did not work. I am not a jogger.”

And what hobbies does Tiggle have?

“I used to ride horses but I’m not really sportsy. I’d love to travel overseas, especially to Europe and Asia. I love to dance. I have started dancing as a workout. I also love going outside to hike and backpack.”

Tiggle is a well-rounded girl. And that’s a mouthful.

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