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Totally Miami

Totally Miami

Hang out and party with bikini babe Tiggle Bitties under Miami skies and overlooking the bay, then head indoors with her so she can really show what’s under her bikini bottoms.

What does Tiggle like to wear during an average day?

“I usually wear something I feel hot in, whether it’s parachute pants or shorts and a tank top,” says Tig. “I don’t blame people for looking. I don’t mind at all. I’ve stopped noticing, except if they’re gawking. If you see something that out of the ordinary as my boobs, you’re going to look.”

As you’ve seen in previous scenes, Tiggle can do it all in breast play. She’s the go-to girl for tit-action from bouncing to self-sucking. Check out the lipstick marks left on her nipples. “I love long, drawn-out nipple and clit play.”

Tiggle loves chicks also. “I love women and I consider myself pan-sexual. Although I don’t love ’em as big as mine, boobs are the best!”

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