Lolly Ink – <i>Cream in the pink of Lolly Ink</i>

Cream in the pink of Lolly Ink

<i>Cream in the pink of Lolly Ink</i>” title=”<i>Cream in the pink of Lolly Ink</i>” src=”” /></a> </p>
<p class=Lolly Ink is a little girl. She’s 5’5″ but weighs only 110 pounds. She has a tight little pink pussy.

Johnny Champ is a big guy. His cock is big. It’s very big.

So, Lolly doing a scene with Johnny seems to be a question of, “Can this guy fit his long, thick cock inside Lolly’s little pussy?”

The answer: He can. But, as you’re about to see, it’s a very tight fit, so Johnny had to keep fighting the urge to cum because Lolly’s petite cunt was gripping his junk so hard.

As Elliot put it in the copy that accompanied the original posting of this scene at SCORELAND, “For someone so slender, Lolly can take a real pounding. Lolly’s head is flat on the bed, her butt high in the air as Johnny really smashes her pussy. Johnny decides to put Lolly on her back and bore into her, her sexy legs in the air. Her moans are additional fuck fuel and the sight of her bikini-ready body, big boob and pretty face drive him over the edge. He pumps his load into her pink hole, pulls out and squeezes the rest onto her pussy lips.”

Lolly has big tits and a tiny ass. She has a lot of tattoos, which is why she calls herself Lolly Ink.

“I love to wear sexy outfits in the bedroom and play games,” she said. “Wearing something hot-looking and tight and getting on all fours to get doggie from behind and see it in a mirror is something I love to do. You should see me around Halloween time.”

Meaning, like so many girls, she dresses up like a hooker and parades around the neighborhood. Except unlike most of those girls, Lolly isn’t playing out a fantasy. She is the fantasy.

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